IÉSEG is an internationally oriented and highly rigorous school with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Over a period of 18 months, the whole IÉSEG community (students, academic and administrative staff, alumni, corporate representatives) took part in a deep visioning process to define what the School will be in 2025. This collaborative process was based on a thorough analysis of the School’s strengths, areas for improvement, its roots and values, as well as an identification of future trends in society and higher education.

The new VISION for IÉSEG which emerged from this collaborative effort was:

“In 2025, IÉSEG will be a unique international hub empowering changemakers for a better society”.

The Vision that was determined for the School has provided the foundation for the development of the School’s next strategic plan for 2016 – 2021.

Our mission :

  • To educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change
  • To create knowledge that nurtures innovative leaders
  • To promote creative solutions for and with responsible organizations

Our values (summarized by the acronym ARISE) :

  • Accomplishment
    We support members of the IÉSEG community to go the ‘extra mile’, forging their own path and achieving meaningful goals in life.
  • Responsibility
    We take into account the impact of all our decisions and activities on people, the planet and business.
  • Integrity
    We, students and staff, act ethically in a consistent way in all of our personal and  professional activities.
  • Solidarity
    We pay particular care and attention to everyone by fostering inclusiveness in all our activities.
  • Engagement
    We are actively, and collectively, committed to making a positive impact.

The School has identified three principal axes to develop this unique positioning, to achieve its mission and its objectives:

  • developing a unique student learning experience
  • the international reputation of research
  • and the international orientation of the School and its multicultural community

These three principal axes are integrated into a global approach, based on the School’s values, and notably the entire IÉSEG community’s strong sense of responsibility and engagement.