IÉSEG signs an academic partnership with UiPath, a world leader in RPA software

For several years, the Accounting and Finance functions (in particular) have been undergoing a rapid transformation of their businesses, linked in particular to the digitization of processes and the empowerment of an ever-increasing number of tasks. This transformation is also impacting the consulting industry, which is supporting more and more companies in the digitalization of these functions. Their consultants must therefore understand the logic of robotization of procedures (called RPA for Robotic Process Automation) and know the technological solutions in order to be able to advise their clients in the best possible way.

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Because the school’s DNA is to offer training courses that meet the needs of companies to better help students enter the job market, IÉSEG has decided to sign an academic partnership with UiPath, the world leader in RPA software (and which already works with many consulting firms in the implementation of robotization solutions in companies).

Thanks to this partnership, IÉSEG will thus have access to the latest updates of the software developed by UiPath, will benefit from up-to-date content on a regular basis (specific courses tailored to business needs, case studies based on real company situations, explanatory videos…) and will be able to offer a free license to students that take these courses. Thus, at the beginning of the next academic year, IÉSEG will be able to offer to its students a specific elective, “RPA for business”, before opening this course to all Prost-Graduate Programs.

RPA does not only affect financial functions: it allows to eliminate routine, repetitive and non-value added tasks thanks to robot software. It can also be of interest to the sales force (through the automation of CRM databases, the management of the customer experience from the receipt of the request for a quote to the collection of the payment resulting from the sale), HR functions (for payroll management), and insurance (in order to automate as much as possible the solution to customer disputes or the transfer of insurance contracts). For the company, the RPA allows a significant time saving in the processing of these tasks and limits human errors, and allows to refocus employees on much more interesting and high value-added tasks, making their work richer and more complete.

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Luc DESROUSSEAUX, Professor of Accounting at IÉSEG, explains: “It was essential for the School to be able to respond to the new expectations of companies and to train our students in RPA, as this requires specific knowledge and skills that are in great demand, particularly by consulting firms and financial institutions. Our goal is, in the long run, not to focus this course only on its Accounting/Finance dimension, but to open it up to all disciplines and programs, and even to integrate it with the teaching of Data, AI and Machine Learning, whatever the discipline – Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Management. Working with the world leader in RPA, UiPath, guarantees our students not only high-quality, but also very practical, business-oriented training that can be used directly in their future professional lives, whether it be for an internship or their first job.”

The “RPA for Business” elective will be offered to PGE (Programme Grande École) Master students in open format from the start of the 2022 academic year; other versions of the course will follow in the various programs offered at IÉSEG.

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