Executive Education: IÉSEG works with METRO France district managers in a certificate-awarding program

October 9, 2018

logo_metro-svgBetween January and May 2018, the IÉSEG Executive Education team worked with a group of nine collaborators from Metro France throughout a 14-day training session focused on management.

The idea behind this certificate-awarding program was to offer participants operational training mixing educational methods.

Made up of six modules, this customized training program aimed to:
– Develop self-awareness and awareness of others
– Improve interpersonal communication
– Mobilize and moderate a team according to the company’s strategy
– Develop participants’ competencies
– Adopt a leader position in a changing environment

METRO France employees participated in collective workshops, where each participant presented one or several issues encountered in his/her work. The objective was to allow the group to look for a solution collectively, with the help of the expert, and to test this solution through exercises. In order to validate skills acquired in the training session, participants also worked on a common theme (“fil rouge”) project. The goal of this project was to propose concrete solutions to improve individual and team performance.

To obtain a certificate, participants had to present their results in front of a jury made up of IÉSEG and METRO France representatives.

“We greatly appreciated this collaboration. The reactivity and the thorough understanding of our scope statement, which allowed for the creation of our “CAP Responsable de Secteur” project, was in line with our expectations. We were able to give this training program a new, innovative and personalized approach, and we created strong links between our company’s values and IÉSEG’s pedagogical team,” explained Sylvie HADJAZI, Training Project Manager at METRO France.

“The training content, animated by certified coaches, was adjusted to match the particular challenges of our strategic plan. This was also an opportunity for our employees to work on their employability with an IÉSEG/METRO certification.”

For more information about this program and others like it: Anne-Sophie Fournier-Baby – a.fournierbaby@ieseg.fr