IÉSEG strengthens its international Corporate Relations to better meet the needs of its students and partners

IÉSEG has developed a high level of internationalization of all its activities, of its faculty and of the number of international students on its campuses in Lille and Paris – La Défense, making the learning experience at the School a true intercultural experience thanks to the concept of “Internationalization at home”. Daily exposure to diversity is important and encourages open-mindedness, while contributing to the development of cultural intelligence. IÉSEG wants to go beyond this multicultural environment by developing the intercultural skills of students and staff through education and research. The objective is for everyone to better acknowledge and respect their own culture and that of others, leading to the development of the ability to work and interact in diverse groups.

With this international scope, IÉSEG also wants to strengthen its visibility, its reputation and its relations with the international socio-economic world. This is why an “International Corporate Relations” division was created in 2022 within the Corporate Relations Department to focus on 3 major missions:

> Strengthening IÉSEG’s visibility with companies and institutions based abroad in order to promote all of the School’s areas of expertise to them: its initial training programs, its executive education programs, its applied research…

> Supporting these international companies and institutions in promoting their employer brand to IÉSEG students through a better involvement of their employees in the programs, through academic partnerships, dedicated webinars, business cases and consulting projects, career forums…

> Finally, responding to the growing desire of students and graduates of the School to have an international career, developing opportunities for internships, volunteer work and even first jobs for the School’s students.

Afterwork Learning Expedition in Amsterdam ©IÉSEG

To strengthen its international exposure, IÉSEG reinforced its ties with several Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in target countries. By participating in the various events they organize and by building closer relationships with their member companies and institutions, IÉSEG intends to better promote its expertise and the specificity of its programs. The Netherlands, Germany and Romania in Europe; Vietnam, China and India in Asia; Mexico, Colombia and Canada in North and South America; and Morocco and Senegal in Africa are some of the countries targeted by the School.

In addition to its work with the CCIs, IÉSEG also plans to increase networking among graduates through IÉSEG Network, the School’s alumni association, create synergies with partner universities in these countries (IÉSEG has a network of 323 partner universities in 76 countries around the world), and develop trade expeditions in these countries. In Mexico, for example, contacts have been established with the Insituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico and companies such as La French Tech de Mexico, the Richemont Group, HSBC, the Televisa audiovisual group and Novartis Laboratories.

In order to meet the other two objectives, particularly the development of opportunities for IÉSEG students, the School wishes to establish partnerships with companies and institutions that are part of the “Best Place To Work”, companies offering recognized Graduate programs, public institutions with a presence abroad such as Business France… In addition, special attention will be given to companies with a positive impact and NGOs, in order to best meet IÉSEG’s vision – empowering tomorrow’s changemakers and to meet the new expectations of students, who are increasingly looking for meaningful missions.

Laure Quedillac, Director of Corporate Relations at IÉSEG, concludes: “International development is a major focus for IÉSEG and its students, who increasingly wish to spend all or part of their careers abroad. It is therefore fundamental for the School to strengthen its ties with the international socio-economic world, and we have taken advantage of the writing of our new strategic plan to take a step back from these issues, define its target objectives and refine our international strategy. The new international division of the Corporate Relations Department will rely on a strong foundation of international relations from an academic point of view, offices located around the world and our dynamic network of graduates to achieve these ambitious results. We now have all the cards in our hands to strengthen our ties with companies outside our borders and offer our students the internship or career opportunities they need to thrive.

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