Take part in the International Day of Solidarity, ‘Giving Tuesday’, organized by the IÉSEG Foundation

Solidarity is one of the fundamental values that IÉSEG wishes to convey to its students so that they become changemakers for a better society.

This is why the IÉSEG Foundation invites all its community (professors and administrative staff, students, alumni and partners) to mobilize for the International Day of Solidarity – ‘Giving Tuesday’, which will take place on November 30, 2021.

You too, can join the movement and participate in this day through many initiatives organized on the Lille and Paris La Défense campuses, such as:

  • Blood donation, in partnership with EFS (Etablissement Français du Sang),
  • Donation of clothes, which will be given to the most in need or recycled by the associations ‘Emmaüs’ and ‘Le Relais’,
  • A book exchange,
  • A solidarity lunch, organized by and  , two student associations of the School, and whose profits will be donated to the IÉSEG Foundation,
  • A support to the IÉSEG Foundation to help students in difficulty. On the occasion of Giving Tuesday, the solidarity tombola is once again organized: for each donation made to the IÉSEG Foundation on November 30, donors will be entered into a draw to win a prize based on skill sharing.

This day will also be the occasion to discover two associations. In Lille, the association « HelpAssos» will introduce its “Christmas Box” operation, which aims to make Christmas boxes with hygiene products, warm clothes, or sweets. These boxes will then be distributed to the homeless during the Christmas season. On the Paris-La Défense campus, the association « Je Veux Aider » (‘I want to help’ – A public platform for volunteeting proposed by the Civic Reserve) will be present as well. It puts in contact those who want to act for the general interest with public and associative organizations that need volunteers.

Finally, come and finish the day by attending the conference on the theme of “the importance of commitment” from 7:00 pm to 8.30 pm, with Jean-Pierre Hammerlein, Founder and Director of the Decathlon Foundation in Lille, and with Alice Madec, Regional Director of Benenova, Camille Nguyen, Responsible de la Social Cup – the French cup for young people under 30 who are involved in social and environmental issues, and Xavier Guignard, Head of Sponsorship development at Enfants du Mékong in Paris.

“I had been fed with adventure stories and started dreaming of a round-the-world trip by bike, sleeping in local people’s homes. Caroline, who was to become my wife, introduced me to ” Children of the Mekong “. For a year, we travelled the roads of South-East Asia in tandem, meeting the sponsored children. This year was exceptional in every way and had a profound impact on me. I discovered the beauty of the associative world, the joy of giving, the strength of commitment. “It transformed me”, “you come back completely different”: these are sentences that we often hear from people who come back from an experience abroad. I find them, for my part, a bit exaggerated. But if I don’t think I’m fundamentally different since this adventure, I still see that some things have changed. My priorities are no longer the same. I am really aware of how lucky I am to have a job that is full of meaning, that contributes to making the world a little better”, testifies Xavier GUIGNARD.

“During my year in Latin America, I was very involved with local associations and became aware of the problems of inadequate housing and poverty. Upon my return to France, it became clear to me that I needed to put my skills and time to work for the benefit of associations. I therefore decided to embark on a new professional chapter: Benenova. Joining an association in full expansion, with a real impact and a field experience was for me a new challenge to take up! I have now been the director of this association in Paris for a little over two years. It’s rare to find a professional project in which to get involved on a daily basis that allows you to measure your impact so concretely! It is by acting and going to the field that one has a better understanding of these issues and I am lucky enough to be able to do this very often. This experience has given me a lot of energy, because when we support the commitments of volunteers, it gives us the strength to do more at our own level and to play our part”, adds Alice MADEC.

Take part in the ‘Giving Tuesday IÉSEG’ initiatives and find out how the IÉSEG Foundation helps and supports its students.

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