Lutti teams up with IÉSEG to work on marketing cases

As part of their Marketing Management course, students in the 2nd year of the Grande École program have been working on marketing cases related to brands of the leading confectionery company Lutti.

LuttiDivided into around 50  teams, they were asked to focus on different brands from the Lutti range of candies (Magnificat, Arlequin, Surffizz, Bubbliz Bomb…), looking at possibilities for launching new products, and defining their marketing strategy.

At the end of the course, each team submitted a short presentation to the Lutti marketing team, which then selected their preferred proposal for each of the brands and provided feedback to students on winning proposals.

Dr Veronique Pauwels- Delassus, Marketing professor who coordinates this course, explains: “The course was designed to enable our students to have the opportunity to apply the theory they are learning to real marketing cases.”

Capucine Richard, marketing manager at Lutti, says: “We thank IÉSEG students for their excellent ideas. Some were very creative while others were less creative but potentially profitable. This is a great way for students to study marketing as professionals working in marketing have to pitch proposals to their manager.  Therefore, it gives them the possibility to practice formulating a proposal which should aim to be creative, but also profitable and feasible.”