Meet IÉSEG’s Student Associations

June 14, 2019

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Student associations at IÉSEG are a great way for students to gain experience in team projects, take on responsibilities, acquire relevant professional experience, and of course to pursue hobbies. With over 52 associations, 750 associative members and 500 associative events per year, students have a real opportunity to flourish personally and professionally. These associations are constantly growing, with new additions every year.

brochure SACAmongst the different professional associations, students can for example be part of the Junior Enterprise with IÉSEG Conseil or further develop their finance skills and knowledge with IÉSEG Finance. They can also get involved with entrepreneurial association Impakt Makers, organize TEDx conferences with TEDxIÉSEG or acquire experience in humanitarian projects with the Bureau de l’Humanitaire or ENACTUS IÉSEG for example.

Similarly, students have a wide range of sports and activity-oriented associations, such as the Ski Club, the Sports Club (Le Bureau des Sports), the Art Club (Bureau des Arts), amongst others.

As part of these associations, students involved in the administration or management of these associations can also gain experience in a range of areas including managing budgets or volunteer staff, and organizing a wide range of events.

Testimonial from Amaury Pierlot, president de la Fédération des Étudiants at IÉSEG:



“Thanks to my team of 25 people, I am constantly developing management and organizational skills. Indeed, the frequent management of events involving more than a thousand students requires a great capacity for adaptation and an increased sense of priority.

The budgetary management of such a system is also considerable. It gave me the opportunity to increase my level of rigour and responsibility, and know-how that is useful to acquire in the perspective of a professional career.
Finally, in my opinion, the associative experience is a good ‘school’ that I recommend to all students.

Because of the challenges to be met on a daily basis, it provides a considerable complement to the academic learning offered at IÉSEG. The associative (system)  allows student volunteers to develop within a team and to concretely apply some of the concepts studied in class.”

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