Discover IÉSEG’s MSc in Strategy and Digital Transformation

Nowadays, all companies whatever their sector, their size or their business model, face digital transformation. They all wish to implement it but they do not know how to proceed and may not have the right experts to do so. Digital transformation is thus often reduced to introducing some digital tools in existing processes, client solutions or activities.

However, digital transformation is a holistic and complex endeavour that requires a systematic approach to its strategy and execution. A recent study* finds that becoming a digital master entails not only digital capability, that is the use of innovative technologies to improve elements of the business, but also leadership capability, in order to envision and drive organizational change in systematic, sustainable and profitable ways. Digital transformation is 20% technology and 80% human.

That’s why IÉSEG now offers a Master of Science (MSc) in Strategy and Digital Transformation**. It aims at equipping students with the digital technologies knowledge as well as the skills needed to design and successfully lead digital transformation across functions (e.g. operations, customer experience, employee experience) and at the corporate level (strategy, business model innovation, CSR).

As Cyrine BEN-HAFAÏEDH, Academic Director of the MSc and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy, says, “our ambition with this exciting new program is to cultivate digital leaders for business transformation.  Moreover, every module seeks to strike the right balance between learning through cutting-edge research (theory) and learning-by-doing (practice). On top of these modules, three more particularly, aim at bringing all these different learning experiences together, as in real life, where you will not be addressing siloed issues”.

  • The first one is a business strategy simulation where students, in teams, will have a practical and transdisciplinary application of their courses. They will need to understand the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic environment and take decisions as to maximize their results while respecting the strategy they designed.
  • The second one is a simulation focused on digital transformation. The students’ mission will be to lead a legacy business into a new digital paradigm, where it can compete at the top of the market. They will need to introduce new technologies as well as new ways of working (practices/processes) and use data analytics to aid decision-making.
  • Finally, one or more of IÉSEG partner companies will present the students with one of their current issues related to strategy and digital transformation. The students will, in a hackathon format, develop solutions and pitch them to the client.

As mentioned, the needs in terms of digital transformation in organizations are very important. Aimed at students with a strong analytical academic background , the MSc in Strategy and Digital Transformation opens to a wide range of career opportunities in consultancy and project management in any type of companies (e.g. Business Process Analyst, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Project Manager, Digital Transformation Consultant, Operations Manager or Strategy and Management Consultant).

Built around five core teaching course blocs (International Management Skills, Innovation and New Business Development, Digital Innovation and Transformation, Analytics and Strategic Skills and Professional and Intercultural Development), all students must also follow a 4-to 6-month internship or work experience anywhere in the world or opt for a consulting project or a thesis.

With the MSc in Strategy and Digital Transformation, future alumni will experiment a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to business and strategy, cutting-edge courses on digital innovation and transformation.


* Bonnet, D., Westerman, G. (2021). The New Elements of Digital Transformation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 62(2), pp. 83-89.

** The Master of Science in Strategy and Digital Transformation replaces the former Master in International Business and Technology, specifically designed for students with a STEM background. 


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