IÉSEG launches new research center dedicated to Family, Labor and Migration Economics (IFLAME)

The School is pleased to announce the creation of a new research center dedicated to the topics of family, labor and migration economics.

Led by Professor Simone Moriconi, the aim of the new center is to promote research activities at the frontier of this cross-disciplinary field in economics, which studies the microeconomic determinants of individual labor supply and family outcomes.

A team of international researchers (professors, postdocs and PhD students) will be working on a wide range of contemporary and important societal topics. These include labor mobility and the long-term effects on large-scale migrations, family-related factors that impact labor supply, government policies and labor market institutions (policymaking or collective organizations – such as labor unions – that impact employment and salaries).

Professor Moriconi explains: “Nowadays, family, labor supply and mobility decisions are closely intertwined, thus a comprehensive research approach is needed to analyze them. We are delighted to launch this new Center that will enable us to coordinate and lead major international research projects that will seek to provide crucial information and applications for responding to the main societal and economic challenges related to these important decisions.”

Within the framework of the center’s activities researchers will be involved in a number of externally funded projects and studies – financed at the national or international level ­– and will organize seminars and conference presentations to contribute to the dissemination of their work to different stakeholders. They will also invite international researchers to present their work in these domains.

The first seminar in 2021-2022 will be given on  September 9th by Professor Rufei Gou, an economist from Wuhan University in China.  A Vice Chair of the Department of World Economy and Co-Director of the Center for Health Economics and Management, Wuhan University, he will give a presentation on is research related to the “Demography of the Great Migration in China”.

Centers of Research and Excellence at IESEG

Research and teaching have been part of IÉSEG’s DNA since its foundation and are fully in line with its 2025 Vision, “Empowering changemakers for a better society”, whose mission is not only to educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change (through high quality teaching) but also to create the knowledge that enables the rise of innovative leaders and to promote solutions for and with responsible organizations (through active and high-level research). The results of the research are also used to feed the professors’ teaching with cutting-edge knowledge and thus allow for a rigorous, scientific and academic approach. This helps students prepare to become changemakers and to face future challenges in their professional lives.

Research is one of the key pillars of our four Centers of Excellence (each contributing to research, learning and service to stakeholders) which are dedicated to organizational responsibility (ICOR), marketing analytics (ICMA), negotiation (ICON), and intercultural engagement (ICIE). The School has launched two centers of research dedicated to work on Risk and uncertainty (IRisk) and Family Labor and Migration Economics (IFlame) and is also part of a public research center called LEM (Lille Economie & Management, UMR CNRS 9221), which is supported by the French government, through its research agency CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).