High-quality programs based on rigorous research to address major societal issues

All of IÉSEG’s permanent professors carry out teaching and research activities jointly. The high quality of their work and publications, combined with the School’s international dimension, contribute to IÉSEG’s reputation and to the relevance of its research.

Research and teaching have been part of IÉSEG’s DNA since its foundation and are fully in line with its 2025 Vision, “Empowering changemakers for a better society”, whose mission is not only to educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change (through high quality teaching) but also to create the knowledge that enables the rise of innovative leaders and to promote groundbreaking solutions for and with responsible organizations (through active and high-level research).

Since its foundation, the School has made the strategic choice to value both Teaching and Research.

The results of the research are used to feed the professors’ teaching with cutting-edge knowledge and thus allow for a rigorous, scientific and academic approach. This gets students prepared to become changemakers and to face future challenges in their professional lives.

Students also have the opportunity to work closely with their professors and directly on their research topics during the semester dedicated to their thesis. This is an opportunity for them to learn about the issues that are the subject of their professors’ research. Some of the School’s students then co-author articles or case studies with their professors. Research methodology, identification of the right information, critical analysis and the ability to step back are all key skills acquired by students in the framework of their thesis, which will be essential in their future life as managers.

Moreover, when teaching, the professor is in regular contact with companies, organizations and students, and is regularly involved in large-scale projects or in the day-to-day issues of organizations, which helps him/her to better identify their current challenges and to identify new research ideas.

This strategic choice of Research and Teaching is not an easy one: it is very demanding in terms of resources, whether in terms of real estate resources, financial resources or, above all, human resources (as it requires the ability to rely on high-level professors who are also recognized as experts in their field of research). Finally, this choice is also very demanding for the teacher-researchers who must provide both quality teaching and cutting-edge research.

This choice is paying off and today the results are in line with the School’s ambitions. For the past five years, IÉSEG has ranked among the top management schools in France, both in terms of general satisfaction of graduates and their satisfaction with the professors, courses and guidance.

This is proof that IÉSEG graduates realize that they have been well prepared to face the challenges of their professional lives.

In terms of research, not only are IÉSEG professor-researchers increasingly publishing in leading international journals, but the quality of their publications is also constantly improving. Thus, between 2016 and 2020, rank 1 publications increased from 9 to 22, and rank 2 publications increased from 20 to 48.

As a direct result, the School’s research is more and more visible, increasingly renowned, and is disseminated to a wider audience. The research results of the professors are regularly shared in the national and international press, as well as in reputable professional media such as the Harvard Business Review. Finally, the School’s professor-researchers also share the results of their work and expertise via ‘The Conversation France’ (more than 50 articles were published between July 2020 and July 2021), which are often picked up by many media in France and internationally.