IÉSEG student Rieuc de Lavenne participates in the “Monsieur Barnum: le rêve d’un cirque“ musical

April 30, 2019


Picture copyright: André l’Accroche

IÉSEG Master student Rieuc de Lavenne is currently participating in the “Monsieur Barnum: le rêve d’un cirque” project as an artist and volunteer. A team of 40 artists is involved in this project, which will take place in a circus tent.

Rieuc is currently taking part in rehearsals in order to prepare for shows scheduled in Brittany this year. A tour is also scheduled in the Parisian region, and in other cities in France.

The “Monsieur Barnum: le rêve d’un cirque” theater company works in partnership with the Loisirs et Progrès association, made up of a group of people who have experienced cranial trauma.

“Musicals have always made me dream, and I really wanted to be a part of ‘Monsieur Barnum: le rêve d’un cirque’. This project provides me with the opportunity to participate in a human adventure, all the while acquiring experience in theater, choreography, but also in terms of finance and communication. Everyone on the team has a very polyvalent role to play,” Rieuc explained.

Le rêve d'un cirque

Picture copyright: André l’Accroche

“Also, this project allows me to apply different skills that I acquired at IÉSEG, as more than 40 people are involved. Here, it makes sense to use horizontal management to make sure that certain parts of the project are advancing,” he added.

* A musical in a circus tent, created by “Le Cirque Musical”. This artist collective, an association whose artistic residence is in the city of Versailles, was inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman (2017) to tell the story of Phinéas Taylor Barnum.