Summer 2023 at IÉSEG: an exciting adventure

This summer, just like every year, IÉSEG offered a range of captivating, fun-filled short-term programs for students from all over the world. With a total of 197 participants from 37 different countries (Australia, Egypt, USA, Canada, India, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Ukraine, Switzerland…), and professors from 13 different countries (New Zealand, Colombia, Bolivia, Greece, Cameroon, Germany…), 2023 has been the biggest Summer Program ever organized by the School! 

Here’s a look back at 4 flagship programs from this summer season unlike any other. 

Pastry cooking class / ©IÉSEG – Vincent CLERO

The first season of the “High School Summer Program” for high school students 

For the first time, IÉSEG organized a summer program specially designed for high school students aged 16 to 18 (the High School Summer Program). Fourteen high school students from Nova Southeastern University School in Florida, along with other students from Turkey, China, Panama and Japan, were welcomed for an unforgettable educational experience. Over a 2-week period, they attended introductory courses in management and business, laying the foundations for a promising academic career. These courses were designed to equip students with a solid understanding of the concepts and essential principles of business management. Beyond the academic aspect, students had the opportunity to enjoy the active and dynamic Parisian lifestyle, savoring the city’s cultural richness through a multitude of activities offered à la carte. For example, they could choose from a visit to the Château de Versailles, the Opéra Garnier, the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Marais and Montmartre districts, or a cooking class and an excursion around Paris dedicated to Street Art. Their immersion also extended to staying with host families, encouraging cultural exchange and offering a real insight into daily life in France. This unique program also encouraged the high-school students to forge links with peers from diverse international backgrounds. 

Wine tasting – Château Fleur de Lisse / ©IÉSEG – Vincent CLERO

Wine Escape: the unforgettable experience of the Wine Business Program  

For the second year in a row, the two-week Wine Business Program, co-branded with Wepicurien (founded by an IÉSEG alumnus) offered students an immersive experience in the world of wine. In addition to theoretical courses on French wine and the wine industry, enriched by prestigious guest speakers such as the CEO of Krug, participants also experienced a day out of the ordinary thanks to an expedition in and around Bordeaux. Together, they had the opportunity to visit the famous Cité du Vin, a cultural landmark that is unique in the world, as well as the remarkable vineyards of Château Fleur de Lisse, producer of Saint-Emilion, one of the world’s most recognized appellations. Of course, wine tasting was also on the agenda. Finally, participants embarked with enthusiasm and curiosity on board Deux Chevaux from the 1940s, among the most emblematic cars in the history of automobile. 

In-depth exploration of Artificial Intelligence through the “Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability” program 

For its second edition, the Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability Summer Program was also a great success, welcoming 28 students. This program focuses on how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to create sustainable, profitable and effective strategies. Each module comprises a combination of courses given by academics and professionals in the field. Over the course of two weeks, students were able to explore a highly topical issue: “How can Artificial Intelligence foster sustainable development?” They also attended “corporate talks” with renowned tech companies such as LightOn, Polymnia and SDSN, who shared their inspiring experiences and journeys. 

Fashion Business: immersive fashion learning in the heart of Paris

©IÉSEG – Vincent CLERO

The fashion industry was the focus of the Fashion Business Summer Program. Workshops on fashion show management and the perfume industry opened up new horizons for participants to explore in the field of luxury and fashion. Guided tours of the Ecole des Arts Joailliers and the Palais Galliéra were a welcome addition to the theoretical aspects of the program.

It was an amazing opportunity to participate in such a distinguished program that provides high school students the opportunity to experience university-level knowledge and to become acquainted with different cultures. I had the chance to form strong bonds with my motivated and enthusiastic peers through our passion for the topics covered in different courses within the program. IÉSEG created a safe space to engage in questioning, problem-solving, and discussions on global issues.

Defne ONUR, participante au High School Summer Program 2023

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