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    2 weeks

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    Paris – FRANCE

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    6 ECTS



This Summer Program offers introductory courses related to Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability. As of today, companies need to rethink their business models and work towards a better inclusion of CSR and the sustainability goals. The Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability Summer Program will emphasize how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to create efficient sustainable strategies.

Each module contains a mix of lecture from both academics and professionals in the field.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn basic knowledge in all of the key areas associated with Artificial Intelligence and CSR.


  • 2 intensive courses taught in English, 40 contact hours
  • Input from companies
  • 6 ECTS


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (16 contact hours)




Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Manuel LESAICHERRE – Pierre MOUSSALLY

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

develop their digital culture

exchange views with data experts

understand how artificial intelligence works and should create value and what impact AI will have on businesses and employee skills

demonstrate the creativity needed to innovate with the data available (internal and open source) in order to create value

be able to understand the challenges of digital transformation, particularly artificial intelligence technologies

work on a digital transformation strategy (creation/improvement of company goods/services)

understand how to carry out an audit of their data (internal or external)

work on case studies and practical projects

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Sustainable Digital Transformation (16 contact hours)




AI & Sustainable Development, Manuel LESAICHERRE – Pierre MOUSSALLY

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

Answer the following question: “How Artificial Intelligence fosters sustainability?”

Develop critical thinking and learn how to face the new challenges of today’s global world through the lens of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

Understand how AI can provide answers to the challenges of sustainable transformation

Develop a culture of sustainable digital innovation, by showing concrete applications of the impacts of digital in the professional world

Understand that the digital transformation must be thought out:
>in compliance with legislation and from an eco-responsible perspective, while incorporating the latest relevant technological developments,
>imagining positive use cases to meet the challenges of sustainable development,
>by creating new forms of value.

Understand the different levels of the impact of sustainable digital and how to create projects with a positive impact

Become ambassadors for responsible digital transformation

Work on case studies and practical projects

Download the syllabus

Corporate Sessions (8 CONTACTS HOURS)

Description (subject to change upon arrival)

Workshops : Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Artificial Intelligence in Business & Management

Corporate Talks: Polymnia, LightOn

Grades and Credits

Students’ work is graded out of 20 points, the lowest passing grade is 10/20. Grades may be awarded for final examinations, individual and/or group papers and reports, and class participation. Most grades are a mix of several of these types of assessment.

Grades and Credits, Transcription and Credit Transfer

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