Internships and Gap year

Bringing theory and practice together to excel in management

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    5 years

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    English – French

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    €13,680 per year

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    300 ECTS


Internships and Gap Year of the Grande Ecole Program

At the end of their IÉSEG curriculum, students have spent an average of 12 months in companies and have acquired a minimum of 4 months of work experience abroad (internship or gap year).

In addition to the required classes, students have the option to take a gap year of 6 to 12 months during their Master. This is subject to approval by the Gap Coordinator.

Help in Finding Internship

IÉSEG’s Corporate Relations department organizes regular meetings to inform students about available tools for researching internships. Students will also be able to log on to IÉSEG’s website to browse postings for various internships.

Internship agenda

Jan. Feb. March April May June Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Bachelor Cycle
Grande École
Labor or Social Impact internship
1 to 2 months

BtoB or BtoC Sales internship

2 to 3 months

Professional internship

4 months minimum

Master Cycle
Grande École

Executive Internship

6 months

or Executive Internship

6 months

Gap year internship

Up to 12 months

Labor or Social Impact internship

Manual jobs, line work, maintenance…acquire an experience as an employee in a factory or service industry. Experience work requiring relatively low skills/qualifications.


  • BAC + 1
  • 1 to 2 months – between June and August
  • Discover the company and the work environment
  • Experience work requiring no or limited skills
  • Understand employee relations within a firm (minimum of 10 employees required at the place of internship)


  • Supermarket Cashier
  • Warehouse Logistician
  • Helper in an animal shelter

BtoB or BtoC Sales internship

Missions in direct contact with a diverse clientele and obligation to develop sales pitches.


  • BAC +2
  • 2 months minimum – Between June and August
  • Sales training
  • Understand the sales field and experience sales related jobs
  • Direct contact with a diverse clientele (face to face)
  • Able to initiate sales related actions alone


  • Salesperson in a luxury boutique or specialized distribution store
  • Service or Product Advisor in BtoB (insurance, tourism, IT, event management)

Professional internship

Missions within various fields such as: sales, finance, management, marketing, HR… according to the student’s career/professional project.


  • BAC + 3
  • 4 months minimum – between April and August
  • Discover or further explore the student’s career plan
  • Use knowledge acquired in the Bachelor program to analyze a specific problem and propose operational solutions


  • Accounting Assistant
  • HR Researcher
  • Assistant Marketing Product Manager
  • Financial Controller Assistant
  • Supply Chain Manager

Executive internship

Missions in various fields: sales, finance, management, marketing, HR … in relation to the student’s career/professional project.


  • BAC +4/5
  • 6 months – January to June, or July to December
  • Conduct a mission with responsibilities (at the level of a “junior manager”)
  • Develop student’s ability to analyze problems, to offer solutions and to take responsibility


  • Junior Auditor
  • Product Assistant Manager
  • Junior Management Controller
  • Human Resources Officer Assignments

Gap Year

Gap Year

In addition to compulsory classes, our students can opt for a 6 or 12-month break during their curriculum. During this time, the student has the opportunity to find one or more internship, or to carry out a personal project. This is subject to approval by the IÉSEG Academic Management Team. Gap year departures are on the same timeframe as executive internships (from January to June or from July to December).

Gap year internship

Missions can be carried out in various areas of management, and in different company/organizational structures. The aim is to develop the student’s career/professional project, develop skills.


  • Duration: between 1 and 6 months


  • Participate in the monthly closing process (closing procedures (SAP), results analysis, reporting to the Group, participation in the preparation of the budget review
  • Participate in the development of customer reports activities, including consistency check, implementation of standardized tests

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