Student Health Insurance (French Sécurité Sociale)

What is the French Health Insurance System?

It is an universal healthcare system under which taxes or cotisations (a percentage of the salary of every French citizen) cover the health care of the general French community. The French health care system is known as Sécurité Sociale or la Sécu. Sécurité Sociale has traditionally been available to everyone resident in France: French national or foreigner (whether as a student, salaried, working as an independent artisan or professional, unemployed or retired).
To benefit from French Sécurité Sociale, you must have the Carte Vitale, the national insurance card issued to anyone aged 16 and over. The Carte Vitale is issued on application to CPAM – Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie – and serves as evidence of membership and rights to French health insurance. As a foreign student, to receive a Carte Vitale, you must contact the SMENO website. If you do not have a Carte Vitale, you will receive a FEUILLE DE SOINS (a brown receipt form) from the doctor, pharmacist or hospital staff. This is recognized by CPAM as a legitimate medical payment.
IÉSEG will guide you through the process once you arrive on campus.

For a more in-depth explanation of the French Social Security system, please visit the following links: , (the French Health Serivice English-language service) OR call the English-speaking section of the French Health Service at 08 20 90 42 12.

What is the French Student Social Security option for foreign students?

As a student at IÉSEG, you will be studying in France for more than 3 months. Therefore, you can sign up for Student Social Security (sécu étudiante).The student social security scheme covers student healthcare. It reimburses part of the expenses paid for medical care and medicine. The reimbursements are managed and paid by a student social security centre.

Who needs to enroll in the Student Social Security scheme?

You do not need to enroll in the student social security scheme,if you live in one of the countries in the European Economic Area or Switzerland: if you have a European health insurance card or private insurance.

You do need to enroll in the student social security scheme, if you are a resident of any other country: you must enrol in the student social security scheme and pay the contribution before the end of your visa insurance (