Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation / 2023

Key Account Manager PanEU Video Games, AMAZON


Before coming to IÉSEG, I studied Business Administration. I later worked as a Market Planner Manager for P&G in Peru, where I focused on Supply Chain innovations for Latin America.

I chose IÉSEG because of its Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which offered high-quality education, multicultural classmates, and hands-on experience. I saw it as a gateway to future opportunities in my desired business sectors. What I enjoyed most about studying at IÉSEG was the vibrant class dynamics, the camaraderie with my colleagues, and the practical approach to learning. In this particular program I found the opportunity to get a space to think freely and learn how to make my ideas a reality, counting also on the guidance of two excellent universities in Paris and London.

Among the courses, Design Thinking stood out for its customer-centric approach, Entrepreneurial Funding for its insights into attracting investors, and Collaborative Project, which provided a comprehensive startup experience.

Living in Paris was a memorable experience, with its rich culture and diverse entertainment options. The city’s beauty and cultural richness made it a perfect place to pursue my master’s degree.

After completing my Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I joined Amazon at the Luxembourg EU Headquarters as a Key Account Manager for Digital Video Games. In the future, I aspire to create my own sustainable-focused startups.

To potential candidates, I’d advise taking the plunge and enrolling in this program. It opens doors to a powerful network, top companies, and valuable learning experiences. Looking back, I appreciate the fun and dynamic learning environment at IESEG. The courses were practical, and the relationships with colleagues and professors were enriching.

Published on: October 20, 2023

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