Thierry JABR

Master in in Digital marketing & CRM, 2021

Account Executive, Salesforce Switzerland

French Lebanese

Before coming to IÉSEG, I worked for 6 years at Nestlé specifically within their B2B business called “Nestlé professional” serving the out-of home market, referred to as HORECA. 

I chose IÉSEG because of the high quality of education and the professional connections that it could provide. The Master in Digital marketing & CRM seemed the right fit for me as I wanted to have a first-hand exposure to the world of digital. 

I enjoyed attending lectures from various international professors whose background combines extensive academic and professional experience. I particularly enjoyed the CRM course as it introduced me to Salesforce in particular – the world leader in CRM – which is now my employer. In this course we had to complete several modules on Trailhead; a public learning experience platform to learn about digital transformation. 

I work as an Account Executive at Salesforce Switzerland, acting as a trusted advisor for some of the largest companies in the high tech & manufacturing sphere. I help them accelerate their digital transformation and build a customer experience that meet and exceeds customer expectations. 
I recommend IÉSEG to anyone looking to accelerate their career globally & particularly in Europe! 

Avant de rejoindre l’IÉSEG, j’ai travaillé pendant 6 ans chez Nestlé, plus précisément dans le cadre de leur activité B2B appelée “Nestlé professional”, qui sert le marché hors domicile que l’on nomme HORECA. 

Published on: June 5, 2024

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