Divya Dharshini AMBALAVANAN

Grande École Program / 2023

Teaching and Research Assistant, PhD Student, IÉSEG


Before coming to IÉSEG, I was a student in Loyola College, Chennai, India. I chose to study at IÉSEG because it was one of my university’s partners and I really wanted to study in France. I also knew that IÉSEG was ranked among top business schools in France. Moreover, I had heard from many graduates about the School’s multicultural environment and friendly atmosphere with engaged learning.

I chose the Grande École Program’s Master Cycle in Financial Management and Control, as it provides a very specialized scope of learning relating to topics that I was greatly interested in.

Apart from the international environment, I also very much enjoyed the learning methodology, which is not based on monotonous memorization of concepts. It was very concrete and practical, and I loved that! I learned something new every day during my time at IÉSEG!

My favorite courses were on sustainability and non-financial reporting. I do have a goal in line with IÉSEG’s mission, which is to become a changemaker for a better society. Through whatever I learn, I want to give back to society and these courses really helped me in understanding that I can make a positive impact in this world. Combining finance and sustainability was something I never thought was doable but through the courses I realized that it is one of the most important ways in which we can contribute to a better society.

Coming from a foreign country, I was initially very scared whether I would understand what was being taught to me, but all of the professors were extremely understanding and compassionate. Every time I approached them with a doubt, question or problem, they always ensured to guide me the best way they could. I can say that I have grown a lot since I joined IÉSEG.

Fortunately, my journey with the School is not over yet. I am currently a Teaching and Research Assistant at IÉSEG, doing my PhD on sustainability and finance. Following this experience I hope to further get into the field of research and academia whilst possibly doing some freelance consulting services for companies. 

My advice is simple – be organized and inquisitive. It is easy for us to just nod and accept the things that are being taught, but that is not sufficient. As a student, it is your responsibility to question, ask for more details and be on top of things. It is equally important to organize yourself so that you can balance your education with your extracurricular activities and personal time which are of great importance.

Published on: October 20, 2023

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