MBA - International Track / 2022

Real Estate Project and Asset Manager, FÉNÉLON VAUJOURS


I chose the MBA – International track at IÉSEG as I wanted to take part in a program on an international level allowing for a deep understanding and sharing of fundamentals in the business and leadership worlds. This program is unique in a way that it propels your self-development to become a leader within your community and an ambassador of change. 

The MBA – International track was definitely a challenge both on a personal and professional level. I believe that by embracing this experience fully while prioritizing what really keeps you going further is key to appreciate the program while maintaining a healthy mindset. 

The ability to combine technical know-how acquired in the field with managerial and business skills enabled me to understand the strategic and financial aspects of an investment in the construction industry. Therefore, it allowed me to take part proactively in designing this strategy and supervising its implementation during its entire life cycle.

I believe that the MBA – International track program is a mind-opening opportunity to have an active role in a constantly evolving world on a professional and personal level.

Published on: November 7, 2023

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