MBA Executive track / 2021

Managing Director, VETO-PHARMA


I opted for IÉSEG’s MBA – Executive track because I wanted to take my career further, and I thought that it was important to consolidate the skills I had developed through my work experience. I also wanted to learn new competences, to open myself to new experiences, and challenge myself in order to be able to consider my professional future with more confidence.

The focus on positive leadership and the 360° view of a company offered by IÉSEG’s MBA – Executive track was really a differentiating point compared to what other schools had to offer. Indeed, it provides a good balance between the development of hard skills and soft skills that are completely in line with the current needs of companies.

Having switched very early during the program to a position with more responsibilities, I faced a situation where both “professional” and “student” lives were new and requiring a high level of energy and adaptation. But I was inspired and supported by a lot of my colleagues in class who managed very well! They gave me the motivation to improve myself and complete the program successfully. I was also lucky to have a supportive family allowing me to dedicate time to my personal growth. I think it’s important to know that this is a demanding program that requires efforts at all levels, but the “student” life of an MBA – Executive track participant is definitely a great experience.

Future participants in this MBA – Executive track should not underestimate the efforts required by the program but shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves either: keep in mind that it’s better to have it done than perfect! Classmates are an amazing source of support during tough moments, but it’s also important to have the support of your family.

The impact of this program for me is huge! I’ve acquired a good 360° view of company management and initiated a true journey around the development of my leadership skills. I’m convinced that I’m able to deliver more value to my company today than I could before the program. But the most important takeaway in my opinion is to find the perfect balance between the need for performance and the personal pleasure found in human interactions.

I integrated the program to further my career and to learn new things, but I stayed for the amazing human experience I lived during the journey thanks to my classmates, professors, and mentors. The best transformation is not the fact that I improved myself as a professional, but that I improved myself as a person.

Published on: October 19, 2023

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