Jeffrey Drui

MSc in Banking, Capital Markets & Financial Technology


My studies at IÉSEG helped me on different levels in my career. First, they helped me to get to know different cultures and form strong bonds with people all over the world. This was useful when engaging with different stakeholders at the beginning of my career. Having finished a Master of Science in Banking, Capital Markets and Financial Technology at IÉSEG, I had a good understanding of how financial markets work and what would interest me in my future life. During my degree, I was also advised on how to approach and prepare interviews, which helped me immensely in order to get my first job.  

I am still in touch with many of my former classmates. Although almost none of them work in the same country as I do, I stayed in touch with many of them either by visiting them or through social media. My IÉSEG network even helped me to broker business deals and collaborate with former classmates.

My advice to future students would be to tell them to work on their soft skills and to look to work for businesses with exponential growth. Often it is the little details that make you seem approachable, emotionally available and dedicated to a cause that will give you the job or an internship. Better understanding what the other side expects from you will take you a long way.

The international dimension provided by IÉSEG has been of immense importance to me because it opened up a network on a global scale. Working with many nationalities on group projects has also been a very enriching experience. It greatly helped me to develop my intercultural and communication skills.

Published on: April 9, 2021

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