Master in Banking, Capital Markets & Financial Technology, 2023

Financial Product Analyst, KPMG Luxembourg


Before joining IÉSEG I pursued a Bachelor’s in Economics in Colombia. I chose the Master in Banking, Capital Markets & Financial Technology program because I wanted to land a job in the financial sector, and I felt that the content of this specific Master’s program was going to help me in achieving this goal. I also felt that it matched well both my background and my skills.  

I chose IÉSEG because I wanted to live an amazing international and multicultural experience, and I thought this was the perfect place to do so. I knew it would combine both academic and social environments that would allow me to thrive. 

I really enjoyed the courses related to programming and the applications of new technologies in finance like Machine Learning, Blockchain, DLT, etc. I feel that each day that goes by, the financial world is changing and becoming all the more more fascinating. People like me, interested in this field, need to keep up with the pace.  

The school has put in place interesting tools, partnerships fairs and other events that make job search way easier and enjoyable. The career program course is a really insightful course that gives students a lot of useful tips to improve their resumes and even our interview skills. 

I currently work as a Financial Product Analyst at KPMG Luxembourg, my main missions are to provide specialized support for the audit of financial products held by investment funds, in terms of valuation, benchmarking and portfolio analysis. 

My studies in IÉSEG have helped me to feel acquainted since day one with the financial products I have to work with every day. Furthermore, my international experience at the school helped me to understand how to behave and adapt in a multicultural environment, which is something I do in my workplace on a daily basis. 

Published on: June 5, 2024

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