MSc Digital Marketing and CRM


Alumnus, 2017

My studies at IÉSEG helped me in three main ways in my career:

  1. The modules and coursework gave me an understanding of all of the various elements of Digital Marketing & CRM, along with techniques to perform well in interviews.
  2. Working together with other international students gave me perspectives about how people from different countries work & collaborate.
  3. The degree helped to increase my credibility, and made it easier to find a job in Europe.

I am still in touch with my classmates from IÉSEG and I meet my close friends every year. I am happy that I made a good bunch of international friends.

It’s important to have an international dimension in my current job because I work with 21 different nationalities in my company. The IÉSEG experience made me open-minded and observant about working with different cultures.


Published on: June 11, 2019

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