In order to inform you regularly about the measures and decisions taken by IÉSEG in the context of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 epidemic, we have created a dedicated page which will be updated regularly.

Lille, 4th January 2022

The Semester starting January 2022 will be on IÉSEG Campuses (Lille & Paris)

In conformity with the guidelines of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, we confirm that the start of the semester starting January 2022 will be on campus, Lille and Paris.

The organization in order to guarantee the safety of everyone, students and staff, are the followings:

  1. All teaching activities will resume in class for all. Some courses may be taught remotely. This could be the case for some courses taught by international visiting professors or when the professor needs to be isolated because he is contact case or positive case.
  2. It is recommended to all students from the School to do a PCR test within 48hrs before they come back to campus for their courses, projects or any other activity.
  3. Students who are in isolation because they are positive case or contact case can follow their courses online, during their isolation. At the end of this period, students must be back on campus to attend their courses.
  4. International students who may encounter difficulties reaching their campus for the beginning of the semester, will be able to start their courses remotely, providing that they present a proof (visa refusal, positive PCR test, etc…) to the direction of Studies of their program. They are expected on campus as soon as possible.
  5. Regarding the sanitary protocol, the use of a mask and respect of the preventive measures remain mandatory for everyone in all IÉSEG’s premises. Students who will not wear their mask properly on mouth and nose will be temporarily excluded from the campus.
  6. For everyone’s health safety, we invite you to get vaccinated. The IÉSEG campuses are located near two vaccination centers.
  7. It will be possible to work (group works, projects, associations,…) within the IÉSEG premises outside of class hours, in strict compliance with the health protocol in effect.

All these measures may be adjusted according to the evolution of the health situation and announcements from the French government.

 All the IÉSEG teams are committed to the organization of this 2nd semester and, we rely on the sense of responsibility of each one to follow strictly the sanitary protocol.

Lille, 18th August 2021

Pedagogical Organization September 2021

The upcoming academic year will take place face-to-face and should see a return to a situation that will allow for more interaction and the return of student life on campus, which you are all waiting for.

We cannot foresee what the health protocol will be at the end of August, we therefore encourage students to get vaccinated soon in order to ensure a safe return to school for all.

The modalities of pedagogical organization for the next school year are as follows:
Grande Ecole Program, for all years and all programs (including IBL and Apprenticeship): face-to-face teaching on campus from the beginning of the 2021 academic year.
Bachelor in International Business (BIB): face-to-face teaching on campus from the beginning of the 2021 academic year.
Post-graduate Programs (MSc and IMBA): face-to-face teaching on campus from the beginning of the 2021 academic year.

As it was the case prior to the health crisis, some courses may be taught remotely depending on the pedagogical approach chosen by the professor. This could also be the case for some courses taught by international visiting professors.

International students that may have difficulties in reaching the campuses (visa issue, uncertain health situation in their country, COVID positive, etc.) will be able to attend courses online from the beginning of the academic year on presentation of a written evidence (visa refusal, positive PCR test, etc.) while waiting for being able to come to France.

These pedagogical organization methods follow the current recommendations from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and could possibly evolve according to the health situation. 

Best regards,

Jean Philippe AMMEUX, Dean
Caroline ROUSSEL, Vice-Dean

Lille, 3rd May 2021

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, France continues to welcome international students and researchers. Depending on the country, the procedures to follow to enter French territory vary.  

More information on Campus France

Lille, 1st April 2021

Information following the speech of the French President, Emmanuel MACRON

Following last night’s statement by the French President Emmanuel MACRON, we confirm that face-to-face teaching on campuses, as it is currently organized, will be maintained by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. (cf: circular note of January 22, 2021, which establishes the reception of students in the classroom within the limit of 20% of the overall capacity of the institution and in compliance with the health regulations in force).

Therefore, the pedagogical measures defined previously will remain in place for the upcoming weeks.

However, please note that some courses may be switched to distance learning, as some professors are forced to stay at home due to the closure of daycare centers/nurseries and schools. Please check your schedule regularly to see if your course will take place face-to-face or remotely via distance learning.

The School’s health protocol remains in effect and applies to all. Failure to comply with the School’s health protocol will result in temporary suspension from the School’s premises.

Students must leave the campus once their classes are finished, and call on their sense of responsibility when they are away from the school premises.

Lille, 19th March 2021

Information following the lockdown announcement for the Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France regions

Following the new French governmental measures effective starting tonight, midnight, on the territories where our campuses are located, we confirm that the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation will continue to allow us to have students on campus in the same way it is organized currently.

Therefore, the pedagogical measures defined previously, for on-campus learning notably, will remain in place for the upcoming weeks.

The School’s health protocol remains in effect and applies to all (this includes wearing a mask inside and in front of the buildings, no smoking on or around the School’s premises, regular hand washing, and social distancing, only every other seat should be occupied in classrooms, respect of the instructions posted in the rooms, etc.).

Failure to comply with the School’s health protocol will result in temporary suspension from the School’s premises.

Students must leave the campus once their classes are finished.

When travelling to and from campus for classes, students will need to fill out the waiver travel certificate and check the box for “Activité professionnelle, enseignement et formation”.

Lille, 19th February 2021

Return on campuses – Information for next weeks

Since January 25th, we have been happy to welcome 1st-year students from the Grande Ecole Program, the Bachelor in International Business and International Business and Law programs. The decision was made to allow the younger students to return to campus first, as they are new to higher education.

The feedback from these students shows how important direct contact with professors and student interactions are to their learning experience. We have therefore worked accordingly to consider different measures to allow for the return of other students.

To this day, and beyond the strict sanitary protocol, we are still bound to two measures set by the French Government and the Ministry of Higher Education: 20% of the total number of students and 50% capacity of the classrooms and rooms.

By respecting these constraints, our objective is still, if the context does not change in the coming weeks, to allow all students to have part of the courses on our campuses by the end of the academic year.

You will find below the modalities defined for the next few weeks: 

1st and 2nd-year Grand Ecole Program and International Business & Law students: starting in March, face-to-face and distance learning courses 1 week out of 2 in alternation. Presence on the campus will be mandatory for everyone, aside from those who have a particular health situation. Final exams in May: on the campus with Wiseflow.

3rd-year Grande Ecole Program and International Business & Law: courses that will finish on March 15th will take place 100% remotely/Possibility to do the Business Game from March 22 to 26 on the campus on a voluntary basis. Students interested in doing this must enroll with the Studies Offices. Final exams with take place in March: remotely with Wiseflow.  

Grande Ecole Program – Master Cycle: courses already started in distance learning will be maintained in this format/ a selection of elective courses taught face-to-face will be communicated soon; courses related to the thesis semester and Career coaching will be taught mostly face-to-face. When courses are scheduled on campus, attendance is mandatory, aside from those who have a particular health situation. Exams: on the campus with wiseflow for the exams in May; some exams may be held remotely.

Bachelor in International Business: blended format for all three years, starting in March. Presence on the campus on a voluntary basis by enrolling with your Studies Office. Exams will take place remotely with Wiseflow.

PostGraduate programs (MSc et IMBA): continuation of courses in a blended format. Exams will take place remotely with Wiseflow.

The study rooms will operate by registration until July 2021.

The School’s health protocol (mandatory wearing of a mask over the nose and mouth within and in front of the buildings, regular hand washing, social distancing and occupying every-other seat in the classrooms, respect of the instructions posted in the classrooms, etc.) remains in effect and applies to everyone. Any failure to respect the School’s sanitary protocol will result in temporary exclusion from the School premises.

We will keep the students informed in the upcoming days with any additional information.

Lille, 15th January 2021

Information following the latest announcements from the French Government

Following the government’s announcements yesterday (Thursday, January 14th) we would like to inform you that, starting on Monday, January 25th, courses will start back physically on our campuses for the following programs only:
1st-year Grande Ecole Program students (PGE),
1st-year International Business and Law Double Degree students (IBL),
1st-year students of the Bachelor in International Business (BIB).

The French Ministry of Higher Education will specify the practical details pertaining to this shortly. We will inform students of the precise implementation of the blended on-campus/remote format at the beginning of next week.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have the authorization to host students from other years of the PGE, IBL and BIB programs in the framework of their courses. They will thus continue to follow remote classes for the next few weeks until we have further instructions.

As soon as possible, and in strict adherence to health guidelines, we will make every effort to have all students return to our campuses before the end of the academic year in order for them to attend classes and participate in face-to-face exams.

Lille, 5th January 2021

While we are still waiting for this new year to allow us to meet again on campus, we inform you that courses between January 11th and  January 23rd 2021 will be held remotely in accordance with the request of our supervising Ministry. 

As you know, we would like to resume face-to-face teaching as soon as possible on our campuses, but this option still depends on the evolution of the health situation at the national level. In this respect, it is not yet possible for us to envisage a precise timing.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Higher Education should, in the next few days, provide us with more information concerning the modalities of the resumption of face-to-face teaching, which are likely to be implemented progressively.

From this week, students who wish to do so can come to work on campus in the study rooms, and in accordance with the health protocol that is in place.

We will come back to you as soon as possible to provide you with new information.

Lille, 18th December 2020

Information regarding the proposed arrangements for January 2021.

These past few months, where we have alternated between on-site and remote teaching, have shown us the importance of the interaction between students and professors, and thus of our physical presence on our campuses. For this reason, we would like to welcome students on our campuses as soon as possible.

As planned, the second semester will start on January 11.

However, our return to an on-site format depends evidently on the evolution of the health situation on the national level.

The French Ministry of Higher Education is due to get back to us at the beginning of January to provide, hopefully, more information regarding modalities pertaining to on-campus courses, which should be done progressively.

The reception will remain open during the end of the year period, aside from December 24th and the afternoon of the 31st. It can be reached via this phone number: 03 20 54 58 92 (Lille campus), at 01 55 91 10 10 (Paris campus).

Take care, and we will see you in 2021, for what we all hope will be a happy new year!

Lille, 29th October 2020

Following the French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Wednesday, October 28 2020, announcing a new confinement on a national level, we would like to inform you of the following decisions that will be implemented starting on Friday, October 30th.

  • All courses and exams will occur remotely until the end of the semester.
  • IÉSEG buildings will be closed to students starting this Thursday, October 29th in the evening, and until at least December 1st.

In these times that are complex for everyone, and more than ever, we engage in ensuring that all means are implemented to maintain the continuity of pedagogical activity, as well as the connection with our students.

More than ever, the School is mobilized to serve its students and stakeholders.

Jean-Philippe Ammeux,

Lille, 28th October 2020

Covid-19: update before President Macron’s speech on 28 October

Faced with the evolution of the health situation in France, new measures are due to be announced this evening by the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

These are likely to lead to new instructions specifically for higher education, and these will probably reach us tomorrow morning.

On Thursday afternoon (29th October) we will communicate the provisions that have been adopted for the organisation of teaching at the IÉSEG, for Friday 30th October and for the following weeks.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Kind regards,

Jean-Philippe Ammeux

Lille, 19th August 2020

Organization of the start of the academic year

In a few days, IÉSEG’s teams will have the pleasure of welcoming students on our Lille and La Défense campuses in a health context that remains complex.

In order to limit crowding on our campuses, the School’s Management has decided that part of the courses will be taught on site, while another part will take place remotely. Details by course of study will be included in the timetables that will be sent to students shortly.

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Lille, 23rd June 2020

Update about the beginning of the academic year

The beginning of the new academic year is a little more than two months away and there are still many uncertainties that depend on the evolution of the health situation. For the last few weeks, IÉSEG’s teams have been working on organizing the beginning of the academic year in September 2020 in order to welcome you on our Lille and Paris campuses in compliance with health and safety regulations.

In line with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s decisions, our pedagogical organization will be based on different modalities that will allow lessons to be held in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing everyone’s safety and quality of learning. This organization takes into account the possibility of students being on or off campus, the integration of new students joining higher education, the building/reception capacities, and our pedagogical strategy.

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Lille, 15th May 2020

Information regarding the start of the 2020-2021 academic year

Faced with a very uncertain health and international context, IÉSEG is currently preparing the start of the 2020-2021 academic year by planning an adaptation of its pedagogical system.

The School’s Management is currently considering different scenarios:

  • Providing part of the teaching in synchronous or asynchronous distance learning, in variable proportions that will take into account health measures, the subject taught, along with students’ autonomy and maturity;
  • Organizing “mixed” course groups with students simultaneously on IÉSEG’s Lille or Paris campus and students who will follow the same course synchronously and remotely. This solution seems particularly suitable for international students who will not be able to come to the School’s campuses in September.

No postponement of the start of the academic year 2020/2021 is foreseen at this time.

International exchanges will be maintained when possible, taking into account the arrangements that each host country and university will put into place in the coming weeks. The students concerned by this will be informed of any changes.

Depending on the future recommendations of the French government and the Ministry of Higher Education, the Management of the School will keep students and their families informed in the coming weeks of the solutions adopted for the next academic year.


Paris, 30th April 2020

Dear prospective students,

In the context of the current Coronavirus outbreak, we inform you that IÉSEG’s programs are due to be maintained as planned for the next academic year (2020/2021).

Participants who may, due to external circumstances, be unable to travel to physically attend the courses on our campuses in Paris-la Défense or Lille, will be allowed to begin their program online. This would be for a limited time only, the length of which will be determined by the current health situation, and participants would need to provide justification (e.g., temporary governmental travel restrictions) for this.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, the School has demonstrated its experience in delivering its programs online, including evaluations and exams.

In addition, the school will take all necessary health measures to ensure that its programs run in the best conditions possible on its campuses.

Our school is strong, and the entire IÉSEG community will come out of this strengthened by this challenge that, more than ever, teaches us to be “changemakers for a better society.”
We continue to monitor the situation and will get back to you if necessary.

Kind regards,
Jean-Philippe Ammeux,

Lille, Friday 27th March 2020

We invite you to visit This new website aims to provide resources to help us collectively live as best as possible during this period. You will find advice to manage your emotional health, for teleworking, for staying active (cultural resources, free entertainment, etc.), to be helpful to others in this context, and to stay in touch with the IÉSEG community.

Lille, Wednesday March 18, 2020

Following governmental instructions in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak, IÉSEG’s campuses are currently closed.
Since Monday, March 16, teaching activities continue online and the administrative and academic teams are working remotely and can be reached via email.

We wish you all the best in this situation.
Best regards,
IÉSEG’s teams

Lille, Sunday March 15, 2020

Following the evolution of the Coronavirus epidemic and the passage to “stage 3” announced yesterday by the French Government, the IÉSEG Management (Direction) has decided that courses will be held online until the end of the semester for all programs, including exams.

The evaluation methods (including for exams) are currently being studied. Students will be informed as soon as possible.

Please also note that :

  • International students and French students with families living abroad are allowed to return to their home country to follow IÉSEG courses online. In this case, they will have to make themselves available to follow the courses given online, and to participate in the assessments organised via the internet, even in the case there is a time difference.
  • Students who are currently on a university exchange abroad will receive an e-mail with additional information in the next minutes.
  • For students currently on an internship, please refer to the email from Sophie GUERIN, Director of Corporate Relations, sent on Friday 13 March at 5:38 pm.

Lille, Friday March 13, 2020

You will find below instructions concerning IÉSEG, effective for a minimum period of 2 weeks, until further notice:

  • Courses, starting Monday March 16th, will be given via distance learning solutions (with some exceptions), according to the schedule on IÉSEG online. The designated contact will send to students email updates if there are any changes. The “Zoom” online solution, accessible on a computer (or by default on a tablet/smartphone), allows teachers and students to connect at the same time.
  • Examinations scheduled for the next two weeks (minimum), midterms or finals, are postponed until further notice. Students will be informed as soon as possible of the evaluation methods, according to the students’ courses (internships, etc.)
  • The IÉSEG buildings will be closed to all students and the public from Saturday, March 14 at 1:30pm for the La Défense campus and from Sunday March 15 at 10pm for the Lille campus.
  • Administrative teams and professors are authorized to access the premises, as specified in the Plan of Continuation of Activity.
  • Starting today and until further notice, all activities and events organized by student associations on and off the campus are forbidden.

Lille, Friday March 13, 2020

Following the French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Thursday March 12, 2020, we would like to inform you that as of Monday morning (16th March), courses will be given by distance learning until further notice.

A meeting is being held this morning at the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This will allow us to have more information on how IÉSEG will operate starting next week.

In this way, for example, we will know whether planned examinations can be maintained.

We will get back to you later today to inform you of the decisions made.

Thank you in advance for your comprehension,

Best regards,

Jean Philippe Ammeux