Consulting projects

IÉSEG offers your company to benefit from consulting services during the Consulting Projects and Company Projects.

Consulting Projects and Company Projects are educational assignments in which students (alone or in groups) hold an advisor position in your company.

They work during a 6-months period on a specific business issue of your choice, aiming to generate new ideas. These innovative ideas will enable you to move forward in a concrete manner on the projects you lead.

Thanks to their general education, our students are able to handle any issues affecting your business.

Students are coached by IÉSEG’s research professors, experts in their field. Regular follow-up is also provided by the company’s project manager.


Depending on your needs, these missions are driven by :

  • Students in their final year of the Grande École Master Program or MSc (Consulting Project)
  • MSc international students who have already acquired 2-years professional experience before joining IÉSEG and who can offer expertise in various fields (IT, engineering, law, management etc)

Some examples:

  • Create financial support tools for decision-making to help and support the development of brands
  • IMF efficiency reforms: aid analysis from three South American countries
  • Study on Green Marketing’s effect on consumers’ perception and purchase intent in the hotel industry