MBA – Executive track

Lead impactful transformations for responsible business and a better society.

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    16 months

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  • Location

    Paris & Online

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  • Intake

    5 per year

  • Credits

    90 ECTS



In a deeply changing world and in an increasingly competitive environment, there are many new challenges to rise to – how to build sustainable value; transformational and positive leadership; global and systemic decision-making; managing innovation and change; managing and capitalizing upon multicultural dynamics.

The objective of the Executive track is to train the new generation of leaders who will have the capacity to take up these challenges.

MBA – Executive track is targeted at people having responsibilities in an organization and who have a career development project towards a new role involving leadership and human competences. This MBA program was designed to enable executives to continue working at the same time: 5 intakes per year, 4 immersive face-to-face days + 16 online hours every 6 weeks.

IÉSEG MBA is accredited by AMBA.

This program provides a registered title with the French RNCP (National Repertory of Professional Certification) Level 7, recognized in France and in Europe.

Director’s foreword

MBA – Executive track


Academic Director of the MBA – Executive Track

Today’s organizations need changemakers who have the analytical, strategic and human skills that will enable them to inspire their teams and stakeholders towards a sustainable future. The philosophy behind the Executive track is to provide executives and managers with the knowledge, competences and confidence to develop their positive leadership and create sustainable performance for their organizations. These two pillars, alongside the development of a strategic mindset in a changing world, and the leadership of innovation, form the four key competences that you will develop through a series of interactive sessions, integrative projects, and two learning expeditions.

During the program, you will interact with subject-matter experts who also have corporate exposure, and with other executives whose experience in different roles, sectors and cultures will enable you to put your own experience in perspective and enrich it. Alongside covering the essentials of contemporary business and management, the personalized elements of the program, especially the one-to-one career and personal development coaching and the professional consultancy memoire, will enable you to take stock of your experience to identify and pursue ambitious personal and career objectives through personal transformation.

Whether you are considering boosting your existing career, further asserting your legitimacy, are contemplating a change of professional direction, or would like to better leverage your experience and expertise, IÉSEG MBA – Executive track will provide you with the competences and the confidence to lead at a higher level towards a sustainable future. All the best as you undertake this transformational and rewarding journey.

Executive Development and Innovation – Presentation


  • A unique and innovative approach supported by our desire to train participants in positive and sustainable leadership.
  • Professional and personal growth module: identification of personal and professional assets, reflect on the aims of the participant for the future, engage with other stakeholders, so as to find his place as a future global leader in a changing society.
  • A customizable learning experience (electives, professional consulting thesis).
  • Speakers who are both academic and professional experts.
  • The various origins of our participants guarantee cultural diversity in class.
  • IÉSEG MBA HUB: By joining IÉSEG’s MBA HUB, participants join a highly diverse community that facilitates collaboration and exchange across the three tracks: Leadership & Coding, International and Executive.
  • IÉSEG School of Management, accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, is ranked among the top 10 business schools in France and recognized by the Financial Times as one of the best business schools in the world.


    As the world evolves, so do the competences one needs in order to play a leading role in the future of organizations. The program is designed to enable you to develop the skills to grasp the key dynamics taking place in organizations and in the macro environments, so as to create desirable futures at individual, organizational and societal levels.
    With the IÉSEG MBA – Executive Track, you will be able to explore new ways of thinking, creating and innovating. We provide you with a range of electives (at IÉSEG and abroad) so you can create your own path and give your program the identity you want. Also, as it is important to experiment and learn from other contexts, you will go on two learning expeditions to discover how business is done in different environments.
    At IÉSEG, we want MBA – Executive Track participants to expand their impact during the program. In the professional and personal growth module, you will identify personal and professional assets, reflect on your aims for the future, engage with other stakeholders, so as to find your place as a future global leader in a changing society.

    You will also develop subject matter expertise in the domain of your choice, by producing a professional consultancy thesis. You will identify an applied problem connected to your professional interests and objectives, and apply the latest knowledge and rigorous techniques to propose a set of innovative recommendations.

Objectives of the MBA – Executive track

  • Lead in an international and intercultural environment
  • Lead organizations with a strategic mindset
  • Develop a personal leadership stance for impactful collective mobilizations
  • Lead innovation for responsible and impactful transformations
  • Operate and create value in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • Integrate various business disciplines to create solutions to complex problems


The MBA – Executive track was designed to enable executives to continue working at the same time.

16 months of training, part-time:
> 8 modules each with 4 immersive face-to-face days + 16 online hours every 6 weeks
> Individual career and personal development coaching
> Electives
> Capstone project: professional consultancy thesis or entrepreneurial project

IÉSEG’s MBA – Executive track is:

  • Average age: 43
  • Work experience: 18 years
  • Number of nationalities: 9
  • Gender: 36% women and 64% men

Class Profile

The participants of the MBA – Executive track have diverse profiles allowing them to bring a great wealth of exchanges and projects. This diversity is reflected, in particular, by the different sectors from which they arise and the variety of the jobs that they perform.

Academic Background

MBA - Executive track: Academic Background

Job Functions

MBA - Executive track: Job Functions

Main job sectors

> Public Works/Building Materials
> Wholesale Trade
> Trade/Distribution
> Consulting
> Culture, Sports and Leisure
> Defense
> Energy
> Education, Training
> Equipment for Professional Activities
> Manufacturing
> Real Estate
> Pharmaceutical Industry/Animal Health
> Computer/Telecoms
> Research and Innovation
> Health
> Transportation


Delivered in a modular format over 16 months, the program integrates the latest knowledge, tools and techniques to provide you with the competences to think through our VUCA world and create sustainable value for positive impact on society and organizations. It brings together, in a unique learning journey, the pedagogical and human value of face-to-face, immersive four-day workshops with the advantages of preparatory online interactions.

This format enables participants to interact with your peers in the hub, international academic experts and valuable industry practitioners and alumni.

The program consists of eight modules, a customizable elective component, and two reputation-building elements (growth and career development strategy and capstone project).

  • Electives

    In order to personalize their learning experience, the participants choose from a series of electives each semester. Strategic innovation and emerging technologies, Corporate strategy, Brand management, strategy, Decision making for managers, Coaching executives and teams, Omnichannel marketing, Leveraging big data – analytical customer relationship management, Advanced corporate and structured finance are examples of the electives to choose from.

  • Capstone project: professional consultancy thesis

    During the latter part of the program, participants work on a Professional consultancy thesis with the guidance of a dedicated academic advisor. The purpose of the project is to enable participants to work on a concrete organizational or business problem, in the process of developing expertise in the domain of their choice and developing their capacity to design effective interventions in organizations.

  • Educational Construction

    A Professional Advisory Board including external personalities is working on the directions of the program to ensure that they meet the requirements of businesses.In addition, an education committee including all IÉSEG faculty and CEGOS experts who provide teaching in the program initiates innovative teaching modes in the various modules.

Full Program


In this module, participants focus on the important idea of transformations that is a central concern in the exercise of leadership. Business settings are increasingly characterized by a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment. This makes it necessary for leaders to be able to initiate and manage complex transformations. In response to this imperative, the module focuses on tools and techniques to lead effective and desirable change at multiple levels. Participants will have opportunities to engage in practical activities to apply their learnings in specific simulated or real-life scenarios.


This module is an integrated journey to grasp the importance of leadership for executive roles and to develop one’s own personal abilities to inspire trust and release collective intelligence in an organization, for everyone’s success and well-being. Indeed, the ultimate measure of a leader is when people and organizations function at their best towards a sustainable world.

In this module, participants will acquire a set of behaviours, skills, and tools to be able to lead themselves, teams, and organizations, with a positive and holistic mindset. Participants will use self-awareness to deepen self-knowledge about their abilities, skills, underlying interests, behaviours, values, and motivation. This will enable them to define their own challenges and develop confidence in their present and future inspirational leadership ambitions.


Within this module, participants will develop and strengthen their strategic mindset, i.e. their capacity to tackle complex strategic challenges and formulate wise and consistent strategic solutions and plans, at both business and corporate levels. This module is thus aimed at professionals who want to deepen their strategic capacity and broaden their analytical skills in order to participate more actively and with more insight in their firm’s decision-making process, direction and leadership. Beyond the mastery of strategic tools and techniques, a strategic mindset develops through practice, therefore the whole module will be practice-oriented.

The core of the module will take the form of a learning expedition in an emerging country, where participants will be exposed to local and global situations and strategic challenges, and investigate multiple cases in situ. They will visit firms, meet business leaders, entrepreneurs and academics from the country, and pitch strategic recommendations to them.


To thrive in an age of disruption and digital transformation, a changemaker’s mindset is needed, to lead innovation at the individual, collective and organizational levels. In this module, participants become more adept at using Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, and Business Model Innovation to manage the process of turning new ideas into reality, and build organizational capability to adopt customer-centricity, iterative experimentation, and cultures that support rapid learning cycles.

They consider the potential of emerging technologies to fuel disruptive innovation in different sectors and lead not only in managing innovation but also in adequately executing it with a hands-on practical approach driven from real issues that companies are facing.


In this two-part module, participants develop a 360-degree view of the organization and leverage functional knowledge to make managerial choices influencing both organizational performance and organizational sustainability. Participants become more adept in understanding the link between managerial choices and the material reality harming the organization’s sustainability in tackling topics such as HR, Marketing, IT Infrastructure and Practices, Supply Chain Management, and CSR.

They will not only develop a full functional understanding of organizational structures and their contingencies, but also take a more macro perspective in looking at strategic leadership and how to reconcile and integrate various organizational and functional areas to lead sustainable organizations.


The current global business context calls for a deep understanding of the grand challenges to pursue equitable, sustainable strategies that contribute to building a better world. The module responds to this challenge by exposing participants to the complexities involved in addressing these challenges. In this module, participants will explore the big societal challenges that deeply affect businesses in the current world and consider how business can develop possible responses to them through various initiatives at sectoral, organizational and stakeholder levels.

During a European learning expedition common to all MBA tracks, participants will visit organizations and firms engaged in tackling grand challenges, and via a hands-on project, develop concrete recommendations to address a particular challenge.


The modern era decision-maker contributes to the financial implications of business and understands the stakes. The module is designed to allow non-financial specialists to become proficient and pertinent in financial issues, from investment to funding to corporate valuation. Participants are immersed in situations and exposed to real-life multi-dimensional problems faced by modern firms. They will learn how to strike a balance and optimal position between various objectives, whose terms are not always aligned.


Interactive and diversified teaching methods

Increase learning efficiency

Encourage you to put into practice new concepts learnt

Stimulate discussions between participants and with contributors

Alternate personal work and group work

Encourage you to take a step back and gain new insights

Deepen understanding of issues tack

Teaching methods used

Teaching methods used

Case studies

Corporate games

Group coaching

Group discussions

Role playing


Blended learning via a collaboration platform dedicated to program participants



Courses and modules are assessed via a variety of assignments (e.g., pre-work, in-course work, post-course assignment), which constitute an integral part of the Participants’ learning experience, development and transformation.

The program is conceived so that there is a mix of individual and group assignments, oral and written work.

The weighting of each piece of assessment of a course / integrative project is communicated in the corresponding syllabus (on IÉSEG-online).

A module’s grade is calculated on the base of final grades of the courses comprised in the module and the final Integrative Project grade, weighted by the corresponding number of ECTS credits.

Information about the MBA – Executive Track is as of October 2022 and may be subject to change.


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