Rise to the challenge shape a sustainable future.

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The IÉSEG MBA is a program offering three different specializations: an Executive track, an International track and a Leadership & Coding track. The IÉSEG MBA HUB is accredited by AMBA and equips participants, executives, managers and leaders, either in their current position or in a professional transition, to face various current and future challenges. The challenge of this program is to create sustainable value to have a positive impact on society and organizations.

By joining IÉSEG’s MBA HUB, participants join a highly diverse community that facilitates collaboration and exchange across the three tracks.

Participants develop expertise in their chosen track and widen their horizons by interacting with participants from other tracks during common courses and activities, enabling them to develop a broader outlook on tackling challenges.

Their learning experience via business games, live cases, simulations, entrepreneurial projects, equips them with the skills and the confidence to lead successful transformations in a variety of contexts. The Hub supports participants’ future personal development and career objectives through a customizable personal and career growth program, corporate events, and learning expeditions.

Certification is currently being renewed at France Competence under the title “Managing sustainable organisations in an international context”, please, contact us for any information about this.



Dr. Ghassan YACOUB

Academic Director of the MBA program

Our Hub MBA is a unique program designed for aspiring leaders from diverse backgrounds who seek to engage in a human and professional transformation to make a lasting impact for a better society.

The school’s academic excellence, coupled with a seasoned faculty, ensures an impactful learning experience while being immersed in a unique intercultural, international, and intergenerational Hub MBA community across our various tracks.

By anticipating future needs and responding to challenges, our Hub MBA equips the leaders of tomorrow to tackle the world’s grand challenges with courage, integrity, human values, and engagement.

Presentation of the MBA HUB


The IÉSEG MBA is accredited by AMBA and offers flexibility to its participants while benefiting from an internationally recognized degree.

> One degree, three tracks:
The IÉSEG MBA offers a common core curriculum for all three tracks. All participants have courses in common, they are coached together for their capstone project, benefit from the same Career Program and have access to the same services offered by the school (seminars, workshops, language courses, etc.)

> Accreditation:
The triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) guarantees wide recognition of the School and the MBA qualification.

> An immersive learning experience:
The in-class modules take place on the IÉSEG Paris-La Défense campus in a space entirely dedicated to executive education. Participants exchange ideas with their peers on their different issues and challenges. They experience business games together and work on entrepreneurial projects to reinforce their knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. We are located at the heart of the business district of Paris, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. This sets a very enriching context for your journey of professional and personal growth.

> A pace adapted to professionals:
The International and Leadership & Coding tracks are full-time tracks from September to May, after which participants work on their capstone project, which they present to a jury in September. The Executive track specialization is a 16-month part-time program where participants are on campus 4 days every 6 weeks. The Executive track was designed to enable participants to continue working at the same time.

> A dedicated career support:
The three tracks of the IÉSEG MBA include a common career program. This program is adapted to the needs of professionals in their current position or in professional transition. It alternates between coaching sessions and career workshops, provides participants with digital tools and offers regular meetings with expert professionals to develop their knowledge and network. 

> Diversity of participants:
The IÉSEG MBA is taught in English and is therefore accessible to an international audience. IÉSEG is committed to building diverse classes (country of origin, profession, sector of activity) in order to enrich the learning experience of each participant. You will be a part of a thriving, diverse community and interact with experts and fellow participants across three different MBA tracks.

> Learning expeditions:
IÉSEG MBA HUB participants go on two learning expeditions during their program. One learning expedition is common to all three tracks and another is dedicated to each track. They are organized in collaboration with a partner school, to leverage local resources to support the expedition’s learning objectives.


The MBA at IÉSEG is a generalist program, providing all the skills essential to leadership roles. The emphasis is on managerial performance and the curriculum is both rigorous and demanding. It is directed towards practical learning through the use of case studies, simulations, experiential activities, class discussions and group projects. The content of the 3 tracks provides input into all key functional areas of management, including finance, marketing and human resources.

The program offers added value to work experience and career development by exposing participants to multiple business domains, which broadens their abilities, making them eligible for higher leadership positions upon graduation.

The multicultural environment enhances participants’ personal skills to collaborate with others in varied environments. Also, participants are given the opportunity to develop a global network through in‐class interactions, access to the School’s online alumni directory and corporate interactions.

  • Strengthen your knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in order to accompany your team towards more sustainable performance and the achievement of your objectives
  • Overcome the possible doubts that you may have as an executive, a manager or a director in order to reach the next stage in the development of your career, project or company
  • Manage a multidisciplinary team with various challenges in an international and multicultural context
  • Learn how to transform organizations through positive leadership
  • Customize your degree according to your expectations by choosing your track and the electives of your choice. 

Career program

This important component of the program is designed to enable participants to take stock of their own strengths and added value, design their career and personal development project, and develop an inclusive development strategy materialized in an action plan presented to an audience of alumni and corporate partners.

Participants are accompanied throughout the program to achieve this development, with a series of collective workshops, individual check-ins and individual sessions with a coach.


It is composed of:

  • Career coaching: Accompanying you individually in the development of your career
  • Career workshop: Building and communicating about your professional project with the benefit of collective intelligence
  • Career tools: Providing you with the necessary resources to accompany you in your professional development
  • Corporate events: Developing your network and your curiosity


Learn more about the Career Program:

Learning expeditions

The program includes two learning expeditions, designed to permit the discovery of new ways of doing business in other contexts and cultures. The destinations are carefully chosen to ensure that participants can further develop and practice the program’s key competencies by participating in deep experiential learning. The costs for participation are included in the program’s tuition fees. Both learning expeditions take place over five days. They are organized in collaboration with a partner school, to leverage local resources in support of the expedition’s learning objectives.

In the past few years, participants have visited destinations such as Milan, Zurich, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, South Africa, the United States of America, Barcelona, Tallinn, etc.

The expeditions have involved companies such as Google, Gessi, BMW, EY, GSK, Coca-Cola, Bugbox, EstateGuru, Seat, DFactory, etc.

Learning Expeditions are part of IÉSEG’s sustainable development approach. We attach great importance to the choice of destinations so that they are in line with our strategy. Whenever possible, we prefer to travel by train rather than by plane.


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General contact

For further information on the MBA program, please contact our Executive Development Admissions team.

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