To support companies in this process, IÉSEG develops privileged partnerships with them, in the form of Applied Research Chairs, consulting missions carried out by professors, and the Centers of Excellence

By creating these projects, IÉSEG reaffirms its desire to strengthen and sustain its links with the professional world.

Chairs are a place of reciprocal enrichment between academic and economic circles with pedagogical practices strongly linked to business applications.

The creation of a chair responds to a need of the economic world. It uses schools’ and businesses’ human resources and skills. In the Grandes Ecoles, the chair involves teaching teams, research professors, researchers, and students.

Chair activities can take several forms:

  • Research and transfer activities
  • Innovative approaches (for example via the recruitment of a PhD student to work on company issue or challenge),
  • Student training through specialized courses or electives,
  • Organization of thematic conferences or specialized seminars,
  • Organization of meetings between the companies of the chair for exchanges about good practices,
  • Creation of diploma programs (MBA, Master’s degree, specialized masters), teaching tools,
  • Publication of scientific and professional articles, sharing knowledge, development of cases, awarding of scholarships, etc. This depends on a company’s (or companies’) needs (chairs can be made up of several companies.


Applied Research Chairs

Chair in Retail Management and Business Development with Auchan Retail France

Created in May 2018, this Chair includes the new Master in professionalization contract in Retail Management and Business Development, as well as various educational activities. IÉSEG also relies on its Center of Excellence ICoN (IÉSEG Center on Negotiation), which aims to create and promote research and expertise in negotiation to students and businesses.

Actions put in place:

  • Creation of the Master in Retail Management & Business Development, co-built with Auchan Retail France and Leroy Merlin, which will host its first students on the Lille campus of IÉSEG in September 2018.
  • Contribution of Auchan Retail France to various educational projects of the School: participation of its managers in round tables, participation in courses, creation of a business case to involve students on a subject (such as CSR or digital) and to provide Auchan Retail France with recommendations.
  • Participation in the various career fairs organized by IÉSEG to present different internships, apprenticeships, jobs and professions within their groups.


Big Data & Digital Banking Chair: Crédit Agricole Nord de France

Founded in 2016, this chair focuses on the construction of an innovative project based on the contribution of Big Data in customer relationships and the development of Digital Marketing with IÉSEG’s Center for Marketing Analytics (ICMA).

Some of the main actions developed:

  • Recruitment of a doctoral student who works to enrich and exploit data in order to explore and improve customer experience, know how to interact with them better initially and interact proactively.
  • Accompaniment inthe development of the Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business.
  • Animation of workshops for Crédit Agricole Nord de France employees on connected agencies, connected payment, new services, new digital models, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants.
  • Crédit Agricole Nord de France’s involvement at IÉSEG through courses, presentations, lectures and workshops, etc.
  • Creation of a hackaton on Big Data issues in the banking industry
  • Inauguration of the Crédit Agricole lecture hall.


Digital Commerce Chair: Group ADEO and Leroy Merlin

Founded in 2015, this chair is conducted in partnership with the IÉSEG Center for Marketing Analytics (ICMA) on the issues of Digital Commerce and Big Data. Research focuses on the customer’s life cycle, sales predictions and omnichannel processes.

Some of the main actions developed:

  • Recruitment of a doctoral student working on Big Data, the omnichannel process of the customer’s life cycle and sales prediction, etc.
  • Accompaniment in the development of the Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business.
  • Participation of Leroy Merlin in several workshops to support students’ professional projects (dedicated recruitment sessions, presentation of the company, mock interviews, etc.)
  • ADEO Group’s involvement at IÉSEG through courses, presentations, lectures and workshops, etc.


Marketing, E – Commerce and Distribution Applied Research Chair: La Redoute

Founded in 2012, La Redoute’s Chair aims to develop teaching and research programs on the theme of e-commerce.

Some of the main actions developed:

  • Joint development of a Master “Marketing, Distribution and e-Commerce’ in apprenticeship
  • Intern and apprentice recruitment
  • Setting up of a “Database Marketing” research project
  • La Redoute’s involvement at IÉSEG through courses, presentations, lectures, and workshops, etc.
  • The lecture hall named “La Redoute” was inaugurated on March 26, 2013 on the IÉSEG Lille campus.


Feel free to contact us for any further information regarding Teaching and Research Chairs developed by IÉSEG. We would be happy to receive any ideas that might lead to the creation of a research Chair.


Centers of excellence

IÉSEG has developed four centers of excellence to eage knowledge creation. It has also created tools useful for research and designed for companies’ practical implementation.


Find out more about the Centers of Excellence