[Research Seminar] Management & Society: “The link between well-being and burnout, and recovery experiences for entrepreneurs” R. THURIK

Speaker: Roy THURIK
Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam and Montpellier Business School 

Date and Location – Thursday Dcember 1st 2022 from 14:30 to 16:00
in Lille campus (B252) and on Zoom



The COVID-19 pandemic presents many threats for entrepreneurs since their business survival is often directly at stake. These threats are not just of a financial nature but also of a health-related nature, such as the threat of burnout. Indeed, we show that for French entrepreneurs, the threat of burnout increased after the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. This finding raises the question of whether this outcome is due to the threat to health, the effects of the lockdown, or the threat of bankruptcy. It appears that all three factors play important roles, although the financial threat is the dominant threat. These findings call for the extension of entrepreneurial support systems beyond the financial area by also involving an “entrepreneurship care” aspect, which includes telephone support, webinars, mental help facilities, etc.

Roy THURIK will also talk about the past and future of entrepreneurship research (a vision).