IÉSEG, 60 years of innovative pedagogy for an engaging learning experience

Since its foundation in 1964, IÉSEG has changed significantly… From the size of its student cohorts, the number of programs offered, and the number of faculty members, to its academic partnerships and campus sizes, the School has been completely transformed, especially since the 2000s, to enhance the learning experience and better meet the evolving needs of businesses. However, if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since 1964, it’s the School’s commitment to developping an innovative pedagogy to offer each student a unique and engaging learning experience.

Pedagogy: innovating to deliver a quality learning experience

Student experience is a major differentiating factor for IÉSEG. That’s why it was decided, to continue reinforcing this strength, to name the first pillar of its 2022-2026 Strategic Plan: “Offering students an engaging learning experience“. From the outset, IÉSEG chose not to multiply the number of campuses, especially abroad, and instead offer its students a unique and engaging intercultural learning experience throughout their studies.

Of course, teaching and learning methods have evolved significantly since IÉSEG’s founding in 1964, particularly due to the steady increase in cohort sizes. Thus, to maintain quality and engaging teaching, IÉSEG early on decided to limit class sizes to prioritize interaction with professors, leverage everyone’s life, share its professional experiences, strengthen group work and oral presentations, and involve companies through business games and discussions on real-life issues proposed by partner companies.

To achieve this, IÉSEG also relies on professors with significant professional experience to enrich its faculty. These professors enhance the teaching methods offered by the School through their significant connections with the business world. This enables them to more easily bring in industry experts to teach, thanks to their personal networks, and also better explain to students the reality they will face upon graduation.

Data, CSR: societal revolutions with a major impact on the School

In terms of teaching, the two major transformations the School has undergone are also the two challenges that businesses have faced since the 2000s: the digital revolution, especially related to Data, and topics related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). These are major subjects for businesses seeking graduates proficient in these new knowledge areas and the attitudes they require. To address the challenge of the digital revolution, IÉSEG was one of the first schools to offer a Master in Big Data Analytics for Business and early on introduced the concept of AI ethics… Similarly, IÉSEG recently redesigned its entire CSR teaching within its Grande Ecole Program to make it even more relevant and in line with business needs.

Change Management
Studients at the TechShop during the Change Management course

Beyond teaching itself, IÉSEG has always invested heavily in the pedagogical dimension and in supporting its professors to innovate in pedagogy, integrate technologies more and more into teaching (not only for distance learning), and adapt to the new expectations of new generations of students. For example, a completely unique Change Management course was designed to teach students how to manage change. Students are immersed in a new and disorienting environment, the TechShop (a collaborative fabrication workshop), and must build a simple object… taking into account the multiple changes imposed throughout the course. This course was notably awarded the 2023 Pedagogical Innovation Prize by the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles).

Supporting the professors in the evolution of their teaching techniques

Thus, the CETI (Center for Educational and Technological Innovation) was created in 2012 to support professors in their teaching techniques and in the creation of digital content. Another example, Catherine GABELICA joined the School in 2016 and, with her Ph.D. in Education Sciences, continues to support the Pedagogy Department in improving learning processes on a daily basis. She also created the “Teaching Certificate,” which rewards professors who have completed a one-year program to help them improve the quality of their teaching, from course preparation or creation, to presentation to students, and especially pedagogical evaluation.

Finally, the School has partnered with several EdTech companies, allowing IÉSEG to access content or pedagogical tools that renew certain course formats. For example, Wooclap (a quiz and polling tool) enriches the nature and quality of exchanges in class and online and promote active student learning. DeepMemory promotes more personalized student learning by adapting to their level of retention and understanding of course material. Finally, ChallengeMe proposes a peer-learning and evaluation solution, especially to help students evaluate themselves and deliver constructive feedback.

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