Academic nominations and reorganization at IÉSEG for the 2020/2021 year

In order to pursue its development, IÉSEG’s academic organization is evolving with the creation of a Program Management Division, attached to the School’s Academic Management. This new division will bring together all activities related to undergraduate/postgraduate programs and pedagogy.

Caroline Roussel, IÉSEG Vice Dean in charge of the Academic Management department, is pleased to announce the following changes, which will be acted as of the 2020/2021 academic year:

Professor Jonas Debrulle will take on the responsibility of the School’s Program Management Division. Formerly Academic Director of IÉSEG’s Postgraduate programs, he will be in charge of national and international program development, monitoring developments in the sector, innovation, as well as the coordination of all of the teams working within the Grande Ecole, Bachelor and Postgraduate programs.

  • Grande Ecole Program:

With the retirement of Pascal Bied (former Director of Bachelor programs), after 20 years of involvement and contribution to the institution’s development, IÉSEG has decided to reorganize the Grande Ecole Program’s management.

An Academic Division has been created in order to strengthen the overall coherence of the five years of the program and to deploy the newly redesigned Grande Ecole Program. Professor Robert Joliet will thus become Academic Director for the Grande Ecole Program, in charge of all academic aspects for the five years of the program. His missions will be to provide academic leadership to departments/tracks, as well as reflection and innovation related to course content and the implementation of the pedagogical strategy.

In addition, a Grande Ecole Program Studies Division has been created to ensure the continuity between the program’s Bachelor and Master Cycles. Étienne Grimonprez, formerly the Director of the Grande Ecole Program Master Cycle, will be responsible for all of the studies teams for the five years of the program, and will thus be the Director of the Grande Ecole Program Studies.

Robert Joliet and Étienne Grimonprez will both report to Jonas Debrulle, Director of Programs.

Postgraduate Programs – PGP (MSc and International MBA): Sonia Levillain-Desmarchelier has been appointed as Deputy Director of the PGP. Professor in sustainable management and business ethics, she has been involved for several years in numerous IÉSEG MSc (Masters of Science) and Executive Education programs. She is very knowledgeable about these programs and about more experienced audiences.

IÉSEG’s Academic Management, headed by Caroline Roussel, IÉSEG’s Vice Dean, is thus developing comprehensive and coherent program management (Jonas Debrulle), which will coordinate the Grande Ecole Program (Robert Joliet and Étienne Grimonprez), the PGPs (Sonia Levillain-Desmarchelier), the Bachelor in International Business (Professor Hassan El Asraoui and Professor Bernadett Koles), and the Pedagogical management (Professor Loïc Plé).

“This new organization is in line with the School’s ambitions, and will allow us to support our program development in France and abroad quantitatively and qualitatively,” explains Caroline Roussel.


  • Jonas Debrulle is an Associate Professor of Management and Director of Programmes at IÉSEG School of Management. He heads the Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate programs in Lille and Paris. Member of the LEM (Lille Economie Management, CNRS, UMR 9221), he holds a PhD from KU Leuven (Belgium) and QUT (Brisbane, Australia). He teaches courses in strategic management and entrepreneurship. His interests include business owner characteristics, start-up performance, and new venture knowledge management.
  • Étienne Grimponprez has a DEA in Management Sciences from the Université de Lille. Formerly Director of the Master Cycle of the Grande Ecole Program, he is Director of Grande Ecole Program studies from September 2020.
  • Robert Joliet is Associate Professor of Finance at IESEG School of Management and a member of the LEM (Lille Economie Management, CNRS, UMR 9221). He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Management from HEC Liège in Belgium (EQUIS, AACSB) and his research deals with Asset Management and Corporate Investments. He was the Head of the Finance Department before his appointment as Academic Director of the Grand Ecole Program of the School.
  • Sonia Levillain-Desmarchelier is Professor of Sustainable Management and Business Ethics at IÉSEG. She is also founder of the consulting company “Travailler & Manager Autrement”, which accompanies and supports organizations in the development of sustainable economic performance.