BeeToGreen, your first step towards soft mobility

A source of pollution, fatigue and stress, the car is used on a daily basis by more than 5 million employees in France for their home-work commute. A journey of less than 5km on average, which yet represents almost a third of the carbon footprint from companies. More than two third of employees would like their employer to take part in the development of alternative commuting systems, whether it be public transportation, bicycles, etc.

« This is where BeeToGreen comes in. Thanks to the arrival of the Sustainable Mobility package, the company can financially support its employees who want to switch their transportation mode to cycling. We thus offer the largest marketplace for soft mobility, where each employee can buy or rent a bike, and also benefit from insurance, maintenance, accessories and parking at a negotiated price”, explains Adrien MARTIN, a 2011 graduate of IÉSEG’s Grande École program and co-founder of BeeToGreen.

« With my co-founder and friend from IÉSEG, Antoine DU TEILLEUL, we created the company in March 2020. Oscar RITALY  and Stanislas MONTEL-MARQUIS joined the project a few months later. We all had worked for almost 10 years in big companies (Grant Thornton UK, TF1, Google, Displayce…), and we developed expertise in finance, business development, digital marketing, or even web development. We had reached a point where we needed more alignment between our personal beliefs and our day-to-day work. We all wanted to start a business but we were waiting for the right opportunity, the right project and the right associates. BeeToGreen arrived at the right time. »

A win-win partnership

Contrary to bicycle fleets and company bicycles, models not completely adapted to companies and their employees’ uses, BeeToGreen is easy to use for everyone. For the company, there is no fleet manager or specific HR process to set up: BeeToGreen is the unique bike referent for all employees and offers a turnkey HR management. It can also track the reduction of its carbon footprint and thus concretely enhance its CSR policy. Through the platform, employees have access to more than 50 brands of bicycles (classic or electric) that they can try in a network of more than 200 partner stores throughout France, and are supported during this period of change through safety e-learnings, personalized advice on the choice of bicycle, practical training, trials and bike rides… Finally, BeeToGreen allows bicycle shops to digitalize their offer and reach a BtoB target that they did not meet before.

During its first year of existence, BeeToGreen has already helped more than 4,000 employees make the transition to a more ecofriendly form of mobility, with clients such as Google CSE, Le Slip Français, BearingPoint, PUIG and Voodoo. The start-up is aiming to reach 10,000 employees by the end of 2021, before possibly opening up the marketplace to other products and services that will help everyone reduce their carbon footprint.

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