IÉSEG students participate in a Big Data hackathon organized in collaboration with Crédit Agricole Nord de France

May 25, 2018

hackathonThe participants of the Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business at IÉSEG recently participated in a Big Data hackathon organized in collaboration with Crédit Agricole Nord de France.

This data science challenge was developed in the framework of the Big Data & Digital Banking Chair*. The goal was to provide participants with the opportunity to work on real business issues using the various techniques and methods that they have learned throughout their program.

The participants, divided into six groups of four, worked from January to April on two themes related to customer relationship management, determined by Crédit Agricole, and based on real data. A winning group was then selected for each topic, and these groups presented their recommendations before the company representatives on Wednesday, April 18 2018.

“Big Data clearly creates new opportunities to serve bank clients and employees today,” explains Professor Kristof Coussement, director of the program and one of the founders of ICMA, the center for marketing analytics at IÉSEG. “We are delighted to collaborate with Crédit Agricole, as this has allowed our participants to work on real cases, applying the theory that they learned in class.”

hackathon-2Frédéric Seraphin, CRM Analytics and Big Data Manager at Crédit Agricole Nord de France, explains, “This Big Data challenge was a success for Crédit Agricole Nord de France due to the enriching exchanges with the participants and researchers (at IÉSEG). This content will be shared within our company. A big thank you goes to the participants as well as the team leaders for their investment in these two case studies.”

*Launched in 2016 by IÉSEG and Crédit Agricole Nord de France, the Big Data & Digital Banking Chair also includes an applied research program, and a series of workshops that aim to share Crédit Agricole’s good practices and experience feedback in Digital Banking.


Student testimonial

“We believe this experience gave us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge in the data analytics and machine learning field as it allowed us to implement what we have learned in a real-life context. Being able to present our work to Crédit Agricole and receiving their amazing feedback gave us an idea of the concrete impact that data science can have inside a company.”

Thomas Berrier, Amandine Hiraclides, Chenpei Tan and Maria Jimenez, group 5