CRÉENSO Prize: IÉSEG and the Fondation Ceetrus pour l’Entrepreneur Social announce the winners of the 11th edition

On May 18th, 2022, IÉSEG and the Fondation Ceetrus, led and managed by Nhood France, awarded the winners of the 2022 Créenso Prize.

The aim of the Créenso Prize – a national social entrepreneurship competition – is to reward and promote the innovative and economically viable projects of men and women who create social businesses. This prize aims to reward the creators of social enterprises in two ways:

  1. A year of support from an IÉSEG student: during the academic year, a student in the Master cycle of the Grande École program will assist the creator of a social enterprise in one of the major areas of their program, according to the needs of the project: Marketing, Communication, Audit, Management Control, Human Resources, Management… This is part of a graded module for the Grande École Program at IÉSEG.
  2. A financial reward: at the end of the year of support, the Ceetrus Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs awarded a total of €15,000 to the two best projects, selected by a jury.

For this 11th edition, 6 entrepreneurs were selected in October 2021 to benefit from the support from a student. On May 18th, 2022, a jury composed of qualified personalities from the social economy and the business world met to audition these 6 winners and reward the 2 best projects.

  • The 2022 Créenso Prize, worth €12,000, was awarded to Pimp Your Waste, a start-up founded by Fabien Caron, Éric Dorléac, Nils Gallon and Alexis Morin and based in Paris. Pimp Your Waste contributes to the reduction of waste through a social inclusion approach by offering a range of furniture products from over-recycling, entirely manufactured in the Paris region. The finishes are handmade to offer products that respect the ancestral know-how of carpenters. Pimp your waste also creates tailor-made layouts according to the desires of its customers.
  • The “Jury’s Special Prize” (Prix Coup de Coeur), €3,000, was won by SAME, founded by Chloé Amiel and Khady Mbaye, and based in Bordeaux. It is a canteen offering anti-waste and solidarity menus by revalorizing fruits and vegetables collected from Food Banks. With the anti-waste menu project, SAME wishes to offer a pathway to integration to single mothers in order to train them in the food industry and thus help them to integrate in a sustainable way, both professionally and socially.

See you next year for the 12th edition of the Créenso Prize!