Focus on the Bureau de l’Humanitaire’s Douala Project and the City Run Paris

August 19, 2019

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BDH Lille

The BDH team in Lille

At the beginning of July 2019, the Bureau de l’Humanitaire or BDH (a humanitarian student association at IÉSEG) reached its goal of collecting 15,000 books for the Douala Project during the City Run Paris, a solidarity race organized by the companies Otis and Loiselet & Daigremont.

During this race, participants donated 1,000 books to the Douala Project, which aims to collect thousands of books to send to schools in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. In order to participate in the City Run Paris, every runner had to bring at least one book.

The participants (IÉSEG students and staff, as well as clients and collaborators from the two companies) had the possibility of completing the race alone or in a relay.

“Since February, the IÉSEG BDH has been working with Otis and Loiselet & Daigremont to organize this amazing event. Through the support of such companies, this event is an opportunity for the dissemination and progress of the book collection of the Douala Project, the major international project of the BDH (in Lille). By collecting these books, we will hopefully help schools in Cameroon to improve their teaching and reading,” Bertille Loiselet, President of the BDH in Lille, explained.

photo livres (003)“This event was also a way for students to meet managers from companies like Otis and Loiselet & Daigremont,” she added.

Throughout the year, members of the association in Lille did around 10 presentations in schools in order to collect books. This year, with the help of the BDH in Paris, they were able to collect over twice the amount that they collected last year (7,000 were collected last year, compared to 15,000 this year).

Several members of the BDH team plan on going to Cameroon in December 2019 in order to accompany the delivery of the 15,000 books, which are then due to be distributed to 2,400 students in 6 schools.

The BDH is currently looking for a 15m2 area where they can stock these books until December. Please contact the Communications Department for more information: