Focus on IÉSEG’s Executive MBA: an innovative program focusing on positive and sustainable leadership

March 31, 2016

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©Barbara GrossmannGiven the fast-paced and competitive business environment in which managers operate, tomorrow’s change-makers need the analytical and human skills to create a sustainable future for their organizations and to inspire their teams and other stakeholders. This is why IÉSEG, launched in September 2015, in partnership with CEGOS, an Executive MBA which helps executives to develop positive and sustainable leadership skills.

The part-time program, which takes place at our campus in Paris – La Défense is designed for professionals who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience at executive level including management responsibilities. 14 participants (from 8 different countries, with an equal percentage of men and women) are currently enrolled on the program. They have a wide range of professional experience (the average age is 42 and participants have over 15 years of professional experience) which enriches the interaction and exchange.

Fidele Nizeyimana, R & D Engineer in the nuclear energy sector, said: “I am very happy to have chosen IÉSEG’s Executive MBA program. The courses and workshops I have attended so far, the outstanding ‘learning trip’  in South Africa, and the international participants, have already changed my way of strategically thinking and organizing my international career at the end of the program.”

IÉSEG has implemented an innovative and interactive pedagogy, based on the most up-to-date research on leadership and management. From a practical perspective, its part-time format is designed for executives and the fact that the program is run in Paris-La Défense makes it accessible and attractive for candidates.

For eighteen months, participants attend seminars on Fridays and Saturdays every other week. During this period they also take part in two learning trips abroad. Six months are then spent on the completion of a professional consulting thesis.

For executives who are potentially interested in an EMBA, IÉSEG regularly organizes information sessions as well as thematic conferences on topics related to “positive and sustainable leadership.”

Download the EMBA brochure to find out more about the program.

Contact: Cindy Bauer: tel: 01 55 91 98 06/ 06 71 44 84 90