IÉSEG launches a new apprenticeship program dedicated to operations and supply chain professions

Popular among more and more students, apprenticeship programs are a real gateway to employment and professional integration. Through alternating between learning in a school and working in a company, students acquire more professional experiences. Above all, they develop the skills that they have acquired from theoretical courses and further apply their knowledge in practice in a very practical way. In this way, they better prepare themselves to enter the future job market.

As a priority area of development for the School, and as part of its new strategic plan “Inspire – Connect – Transform”, IÉSEG is expanding its range of apprenticeship programs offered in the Master’s cycle of its Grande École Program (currently six) and will offer, at the beginning of the next academic year (2023-2024), a work-study program dedicated to operations and supply chain professions.

The operations and supply chain professions are fascinating, often complex, but always at the heart of corporate strategy, from the management of purchasing and raw material supplies to the management of production on the shop floor and to the management of the last mile.

This program is targeted at students who are attracted by the complexity of operations and supply chain activities and who wish to be trained in the specific tools and techniques needed to make the most relevant decisions for their organization’s strategy and their economic and ecological impact.

In concrete terms, the “Operations and Supply Chain Management” apprenticeship program is designed to meet the current needs of companies in terms of effective and efficient management of sustainable operations and supply chains. Through this program, which combines academic excellence with real-world practice, students will be equipped with the advanced skills, abilities and tools to make the best decisions and become experts in innovation in this field.

Lean Management, Digital Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Physical Distribution Systems, Purchasing and Supply Management, Inventory Management, Risk Management and Business Analysis, Quality Management and Six Sigma, and Automation and Robotics are just some of the courses offered during this program. Finally, to improve the environmental, social and societal performance of companies, a course in Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics will also be offered, in order to develop students’ skills in designing, modeling and operating production and logistics systems that enhance the sustainability of organizations.

Managing and optimizing stock levels, organizing, optimizing and controlling end-to-end logistics flows while respecting costs, quality and deadlines, implementing industrial subcontracting strategy, steering the purchasing budget – these are all examples of exciting and strategic missions for the management of any company! In the context of the stimulus plan and the energy sobriety plan, the logistics and supply chain professions are more necessary than ever for companies. The launch of this new apprenticeship program fits perfectly with the changing geopolitical environment, the imperatives of sustainable production and mobility, and the need to map risks,” explains Robert JOLIET, Academic Director of the Grande École program.

Learn more about the program here (information in French).

Since their launch in 2009, apprenticeship programs have continued to develop at IÉSEG and will become a major axis of the School’s development by 2027. Thus, in addition to the launch of the new “Operations and Supply Chain Management” program, IÉSEG has decided to double the number of apprenticeship programs in “Audit, Management Control and Corporate Finance” on its Paris – La Défense campus (until now, it was only offered on the Lille campus). Above all, as part of the redesign of the Bachelor in International Business program, students in this program will also have the opportunity to complete their third year of Bachelor’s degree in a work-study program starting in the 2023-2024 academic year. This will meet the new expectations of both companies and students.