Bachelor in Management and Tech Design Program

Bridging the gap between managers & tech designers

  • Format

    3 years

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  • Location

    France & Canada

  • Fees

    €9,500 PER YEAR

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  • Credits

    180 ECTS



The Bachelor in Management and Tech Design is a three-year program. Each year offers courses in the fundamental disciplines of management and tech design, as well as courses focused on soft skills: general knowledge, communication, and professional development.

Program Structure

Two countries, three campuses

Course Content

Year 1

Tech Design

> Data Analysis and Visualization
> Data Analytics with VBA
> Design Thinking
> Innovation by Usage
> Math for Tech and Programming
> Programming Languages
> Prototyping, Proof of Concept
> Statistics
> Tech/Design Case Team
> User Experience
> User Interface


> Creative Project Management
> Digital Marketing Strategy
> Essential HR Tools for Future Managers
> Financial Accounting
> Macroeconomics
> Marketing Management
> Microeconomics
> Project Management
> Entrepreneurial Creativity

Soft Skills

> Design History
> Developing Effective Communication Skills and Strategies
> English for Business
> Self-Organization
> Portfolio and Self Branding
> Sociology
> Tech History
> Career Program

Capstone Project

Building a merchant website and app with proven sales

Internship (1 month): Production or Social Impact Function

For their first internship, students spend one month in a company in a position that does not entail too much responsibility, so that they gain useful insights into the day-to-day operations of a firm. The missions and functions that students carry out at this stage may typically include the following tasks: production line worker, stacking and labelling, inventory management, cashier, preparing and delivering orders, humanitarian missions, etc.

Year 2

Tech Design

> Digital Operations Management
> Design Thinking
> Econometrics and Data Analysis
> Innovation by Usage
> Math for Tech and Programming
> Optimization
> Programming Languages
> Prototyping, Proof of Concept
> User Experience
> User Interface
> User Research
> Tech/Design Case Studies


> Applied Negotiation Essentials
> Basic Operations Management
> Brand Management
> Conflict Management in Organizations
> Cost Accounting
> Creative Project Management
> Digital Marketing Strategy
> Eco Conception and Sustainability
> Financial Analysis
> Strategy and Innovation

Soft Skills

> Career Program
> Design History
> Geopolitics of Business Tech
> Tech History
> Working Effectively in Intercultural Teams

Capstone Project

Gamifying a marketing campaign for an existing company

Internship (2 months): Sales Function

By the time of their second internship, students will be equipped to leverage what they have learnt throughout their courses as well as their personal and professional coaching sessions, to undertake a two-month sales mission. The commercial function being at the forefront of business, it is crucial that students get an early experience in that key field.

Year 3

Tech Design

> Math for Tech and Programming
> User Interface
> User Experience
> Innovation by Usage
> Tech/Design Case Studies
> Programming Languages
> Business Simulation
> Blockchain and Crypto Assets
> Generative AI & Prompt Engineering
> Introduction to AI and Machine Learning


> Brand Strategy
> Business Negotiation
> Creative Project Management
> Entrepreneurial Finance and Crowdfunding Tactics
> Finance Fundamentals
> Human Behavior and Positive Leadership
> Neuro-Marketing
> Patents and Intellectual Property
> Sales Essentials

Soft Skills

> Design History
> Portfolio and Self-Branding

Capstone Project

Creating an innovative startup, from the original idea to the first pitch

Internship (4 to 6 months): Junior Manager

For their final internship, students are asked to integrate into a tech company to lead missions with a growing sense of responsibility, facing tasks that require autonomy and initiative. Such extensive and complex engagement provides students with an excellent opportunity to not only become familiar with a firm, but also to highlight their ability to analyze problems, to be part of a team of decision makers, and to propose viable solutions in a tech-driven environment. This final internship could lead to positions such as product owner, product release manager, product manager, etc.

*Please note that course titles were established in September 2023 and are subject to change.

After completing 3 years of the Bachelor in Management and Tech Design, students will obtain the Bachelor in Management and Tech Design diploma, delivered jointly by IÉSEG and RUBIKA.

Zoom on… the hands-on approach with 3 annual Capstone Projects

The program mindset is based on interdisciplinarity, real-life cases and teamwork as well as the necessary theoretical framework required for managerial positions, with an entrepreneurial mindset. Each year, students will carry out a capstone project in small teams, with coaching by both a faculty member and a tech professional.


> Year 1: Building a merchant website and app with proven sales

> Year 2: Gamifying a marketing campaign for an existing company

> Year 3: Creating an innovative startup, from the original idea to the first pitch

An entrepreneurial, corporate and international focus

Preparing for the corporate world, being immersed in it, meeting today’s players to become tomorrow’s managers are all components of an IÉSEG and RUBIKA student’s career.

Innovative Startup Creation Challenge

Tech companies often scale up growing extremely fast. They have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, so graduates must be familiar with this specific mindset that fosters creativity. Tech employees and managers are doers, and dare bold things!

Just before graduating and getting their first job, the 3rd year capstone project will put students in tech entrepreneur’s shoes as they work in small teams to create an innovative business model/startup in any digital field (app, e-commerce, gaming, service, …).

Other aspects of this key projects include:
> Going from the idea to the first fundraising pitch (requiring strong presentation skills to convince potential investors)
> A highly transdisciplinary (management & tech) and hands-on approach
> A fully-functioning prototype required
> Being advised by academics, coached by professionals
> The possibility of an intrapreneurial venture

International Exposure

1 program, 2 countries, 3 campuses*

Many tech companies have expanded their global presence, as they now recruit more and more talents from across borders, and frequently outsource their coding work to countries with significant cultural differences.

Given this international landscape, it is now crucial for young managers in tech companies to be trained in intercultural environments. Indeed, intercultural exposure is not only essential for their personal growth but also critical for the success and sustainability of tech companies operating in an interconnected world. Embracing interculturality fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation, making the company more adaptable, competitive, and attractive to both talents and customers worldwide.

To equip students with this key factor of success, the Bachelor in Management and Tech Design program includes several semesters on RUBIKA’s campuses abroad.

*subject to VISA approval


The Bachelor in Management and Tech Design program promotes the professional integration of its students by alternating pedagogical knowledge with business know-how. At the end of each academic year, students complete an internship to gradually discover the business world and demonstrate their abilities to work efficiently in teams.

> 1st year: Production or Social Impact Internship (1 month)
> 2nd year: Sales Internship (2 months)
> 3rd year: Junior Manager Internship (4 to 6 months)

Workshops and Corporate Events

Alongside the courses, the program includes various workshops and corporate events to further develop your personal and professional skills. These cover a range of topics, such as conflict management in cross-cultural environments and intercultural communication.
Our Career Program helps participants to establish their professional career plan by working on their skills, personal strengths, and using networking tools to be prepared to meet recruiters’ expectations internationally.

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