Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Summer immersion in Paris.

  • Format

    2 weeks

  • Languages


  • Location

    Paris – France

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  • Credits

    6 ECTS


This Summer Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is created to develop students’ skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation. Both modules include also professional’s workshops, visits and corporate talks in order to explore and understand this innovated industry. 


During the two weeks, students will take courses that are highly customized to respond to the startups’ real-life challenge. They will be introduced to entrepreneurship under conditions of uncertainty, effectuation principles and lean startup. Further, students will gain practical skills to understand, evaluate, create, and ultimately manage effectively the innovation process within an organisation.


  • 2 intensive courses taught in English, 40 contact hours
  • 6 ECTS


Business modeling (16 contacts hours)




Business modelling, Cyrine BEN-HAFAIEDH (3 ECTS, 16 Contact Hours)

We will use contemporary tools such as the business model canvas, and value proposition design. At the end of this module, students should be able to:

Explain the principles of effectuation and lean startup

Describe the components and functioning of a business model

Develop a value proposition

Identify the main sources of failed business models

Managing innovation (16 contacts hours)




Managing innovation, Emmanuel DAUPHINE (3ECTS, 16 Contacts Hours)

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

Understand the different typologies of innovation

Analyze the main internal and external sources of innovation

Explain the main challenges of managing innovation

Create managerial strategies to shape the innovation process

Corporate Sessions (8 contacts hours)

Description (subject to change upon arrival)

Corporate talk (e.g.): IÉSEG Incubator, Décathlon, Kialatok

Potential business sector for visits (e.g.): Incubators

Grades and Credits

Students’ work is graded out of 20 points, the lowest passing grade is 10/20. Grades may be awarded for final examinations, individual and/or group papers and reports, and class participation. Most grades are a mix of several of these types of assessment.

Grades and Credits, Transcription and Credit Transfer

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