Fashion Business Summer Program

Summer immersion in Paris.

  • Format

    2 weeks

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  • Location

    Paris – France

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  • Credits

    6 ECTS


Fashion Business Summer Program courses are designed to develop the intellectual ability of students through the understanding of the principles and practices of fashion business and their application in connection with the apparel and luxury goods industry.

Each module contains a mix of lectures from both academics and professionals in the field.


Students will learn basic knowledge in all of the key areas associated with the fashion business, including brand development and positioning, marketing, distribution, advertising, and consumer behavior.

Courses Content

  • 2 intensive courses taught in English, 40 contact hours
  • 6 ECTS


Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing (16 Contacts Hours)




Fashion and Luxury Goods Marketing, Sébastien SANTOS

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

Identify the specificities of luxury and be aware of the main differences with mass market and fashion, in order to understand the luxury clients’ needs

Communicate effectively in luxury (with clients, media, influencers)

Make informed business decisions about marketing and sales issues, knowing the main challenges of the luxury industry (sales channels, communication, massification)

Fashion: A powerful Business Universe (16 Contacts Hours)




Fashion: A powerful Business Universe, Alexie LABOUZE

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

Appreciate the business of fashion

Differentiate fashion trends in time and in places and relate fashion theories and fashion cycles to trend analysis and prediction

Get an overall knowledge of specific designers/brands

Acquire vocabulary specific to apparel

Identify the relationship between fashion design, production, and merchandising in the in the global world

Understand what role the consumer plays in today’s fashion world

Recognize the ethical issues facing both consumers and firms in today’s global fashion business

Develop critical thinking and analytical skills related to Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Corporate Sessions (8 Contacts Hours)

Description (subject to change upon arrival)

Workshops (e.g.): A Journey in the Fragrances Industry, Managing Fashion Shows

Corporate talks (e.g.): Paris: Capital of Fashion

Potential business sector for visits (e.g.): Galliera Museum

Grades and Credits

Students’ work is graded out of 20 points, the lowest passing grade is 10/20. Grades may be awarded for final examinations, individual and/or group papers and reports, and class participation. Most grades are a mix of several of these types of assessment.

Grades and Credits, Transcription and Credit Transfer

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