Business challenges for students

In addition to internships and short-term work contracts, IÉSEG students who wish to develop their professional skills further may choose to participate in business games or company challenges.

These projects, which are designed by the corporate recruiters themselves, allow students to discover the professional world in an informal, friendly environment.

Some examples of business challenges in which IÉSEG students have participated:





Danone Ambassador


One student is selected by Danone to act as a liaison for one year between his/her school and the company. A competition takes place amongst the Ambassadors from all the selected schools. The winner is the one who most successfully carries out his/her mission.
Reveal Ambassador


A student is selected by L’Oréal to promote the “L’Oréal: Reveal” business game at his/her school. A competition takes place amongst the Ambassadors from all of the selected schools. The winner is the student who convinces the largest number of students from his/her school to participate.


A case study based on a store’s real-life business problem currently in need of a solution. In groups of 4 or 5, students can present a realistic and yet innovative solution to a high-level company review panel selected by Auchan. This national competition allows students to:

  • Discover the world of supermarket distribution and its professional opportunities
  • Win prizes and represent their school
  • Gain valuable and enriching experiences and develop their CVs
  • Be proactive
  • Establish contacts with other professionals and apply for internships, apprenticeships or jobs

Bouygues Construction

In the context of a company challenge, this project puts teams of students from various engineering, business, architecture and liberal arts universities into competition with each other. The goal is to solve a concrete problem in 24 hours, focusing on technical issues; to gain an understanding of what’s at stake in sustainable development construction projects; and to work in collaboration with students from diverse academic backgrounds.
The Teammates: A school, a club, a project


A new national challenge that combines sales/marketing skills with sporting abilities! Filmed in its entirety and broadcast online, in this programme students must identify or develop a social project concerning sports. In association with the sports club of their choice, students must address an issue such as helping a club in a need, developing new initiatives to better the community, humanitarian efforts, etc. The competition takes place in several phases and the team/school that wins over the jury will take home €15,000 for their project.
Global Management Challenge


A challenge that brings together 50,000 people from around the world every year, including executives, managers and students. In groups of five, the students take over the management of a company that designs, produces and sells its products on European and world markets as well as the internet (marketing strategy management, budgets, computer viruses, logistical issues, political conflicts, competitive intelligence, etc.). The goal is to become the virtual manager of the year. Each team is sponsored by the company of its choice, and the winners of the national final will go on to compete against the 25 best countries in the international final.
PwC Story


An inter-school challenge in which students create, write and publish a blog illustrating a company’s hidden story. The story must also be accompanied by two compelling videos.The goal: to discover PwC’s professions and to show communicative and creative skills!

ENACTUS, in partnership with companies such as KPMG, Sodexo, PepsiCo and Vinci

ENACTUS is an international non-profit NGO.
It’s also the world’s premier network bringing higher education into dialogue with the business world. In the ENACTUS international competition, students develop interpersonal, managerial and entrepreneurial skills while seeking to instruct others about company fundamentals. Each ENACTUS team must accomplish civic-minded projects that meet the following criteria:
“Considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors, which ENACTUS team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living?”