Irene Faggioni

MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM


When I completed my studies at IÉSEG, I moved back to my country and in July 2019, I started an internship in the digital team of Robilant Associati, the first and leading brand and design consultancy in Italy, located in Milan.  In January 2020, I completed my internship, but I continued my job experience at Robilant Associati with the role of digital project manager.

The MSc in Digital Marketing and CRM gave me the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the fields of project management, digital marketing and social media strategies, SEO and SEM, and allowed me to develop essential soft skills for my career path like the capability to efficiently work in teams, flexibility for rapidly changing contexts and an open mindset.

After graduation, my classmates and I chose different paths and moved to different countries but this didn’t stop us from staying in touch and sharing our experiences.

IÉSEG Network offers the opportunity to stay updated on the latest news in the School’s community and participate in different online events and networking.

To acquire a good positioning in the working context, an essential thing to consider is that even when our academic path is concluded we should never stop developing new skills and deepening our knowledge on digital marketing themes, which is a rapidly changing environment that is always subject to new rules and trends.

I work in an agency that collaborates with clients located all around the world and therefore we daily deal with realities for which the needs and interests have to meet international trends.

Published on: May 18, 2021

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