Bachelor in International Business


Before coming to IÉSEG, I was an expatriate child completing most of my secondary studies in Indonesia, and the final year in the Philippines. From a young age, I realized the importance of intercultural understanding, networking and exploration of extracurricular interests, which led to my long-standing interests in foreign language acquisition and travel.

I chose IÉSEG as I valued an education in an international environment that not only fosters academic development, but especially personal and professional development. Moreover, it was a personal ambition to live in France, and to do so at the Bachelor level following an international and English-language curriculum was a unique opportunity.

I chose the Bachelor in International Business (BIB) programme as I intended to find employment right after completion. The programme distinguished itself by its practical, applied, and professional approach, which was not only evident throughout the program with its courses and compulsory internships, but from the onset with the candidacy.

The approach and the atmosphere between educators, staff, and students have always been professional yet personally focused. As a BIB student, the small class size allowed students to be very familiar with peers’ strengths, points of improvement, and profiles, which remarkably contribute to the dynamic of the group. Alongside my direct cohort, the active involvement of my professors and the open conversation provided unique learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom …

In practice, all of these elements contribute to the end-goal of employment, and the compulsory internships provide that challenge. I was fortunate to partake in the Walt Disney World International College Programme, with which IÉSEG collaborates.

My three favourite courses I have done so far are: “Fundamentals of Human Behaviour”, “Human Resources Management” and “Career Development”. Currently, I intend to specialise in Human Resources Management, as I have always been interested in psychology and human behaviour.

As an avid traveler and as someone who enjoys integrating into foreign cultures, France appealed to me as it was cosmopolitan, and renowned for its culture (the food definitely never fails to impress me). I decided to live in Lille as it is student-friendly and is fantastic for learning how to be independent. Lille is the first city I have lived in that is built on a human scale, which means that most points can be easily accessed by walking or a short trip on public transportation, which was advantageous…

Once I finish my degree, I intend to take part in a longer-term graduate internship programme, which will hopefully result in full-employment in industries that interest me such as aviation and consulting so that it would build my confidence in my professional competency and further shape my insights. Also, if I feel it is appropriate, once I have gained sufficient professional experience, I would like to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree in the case that it would further aid my professional development and reach my trajectory.

Published on: June 8, 2020

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