Bachelor in International Business / 2023

Shopper Marketing Project Assistant, Unilever Indonesia


I was a full-time student at Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia) for 2 years prior to coming to IÉSEG. After doing some research, I figured IÉSEG was the right choice to fulfill my learning expectations, with an opportunity to engage with cultural diversity.  

The Bachelor in International Business program not only allowed me to acquire but also to develop my adaptability skills to learn and work together with people who have different cultural backgrounds. My experience at IÉSEG has taught me to be flexible in order to have access to many different opportunities and to get used to different perspectives. 

Having supportive and passionate professors at IÉSEG is what I am the most grateful for. I remember very well the first few months I attended classes at IÉSEG. I was a bit confused with some of the subjects and it was sometimes difficult to get through, especially with courses related to Finance. Due to my concern and willingness to learn, I asked for the professor’s assistance during and after class, and even through email sometimes. I was surprised by how approachable they were and by the support they gave me to overcome my difficulties. Eventually, I managed to catch up on all the course materials. 

One of my favorite courses was “Fundamentals of Strategy” taught by Ms. Catherine Archambault-Janvier. We learned by understanding the strategy behind certain companies and how to leverage opportunities to ace the competition. The professor gave us lots of case studies and presentations which I felt were useful for my current job. 

As a Muslim woman, I must say I was worried before coming to France with all the news about attacks that I heard. However, I never experienced any issues in Lille or in another part of France. Even the locals are also very respectful towards foreigners and understood my work-in-progress French during my stay in Lille. In addition, Lille has the Citadelle, an area that has a breathtaking jogging track nearby the campus. We can also do a picnic or relax by watching the river under the tree! It is a must-visit place even if you’re by yourself. 

While I was having my French course, my professor connected me to French students for cross-cultural knowledge through a gastronomy-related topic. As a person who likes to cook and explore cooking across countries, this was fascinating. I got the chance to really get to know French cooks, and I love the food the French students cooked for me. Thankfully they also liked the Indonesian food I cooked for them, especially the famous Kecap Bango. 

Currently, I am working on projects related to data support to provide strategy as an action plan for my teams to leverage their performance. I have a huge interest in data and market research as it is supporting my business acumen, and my current work is giving me a chance in this path. I hope I can leverage my knowledge in this field for the next couple of years to become an expert as a business analyst. On the longer term, I would like to have the opportunity to create a breakthrough product innovation for the market and take on a leadership role within my team. 

There are 3 pieces of advice I would like to give to potential candidates for this program: Life is too short to live in someone else’s life, make sure to take time in understanding yourself and make responsible decisions for your life and during your learning process. Curiosity and perseverance are key. You might not know everything at first, however, when you put your curiosity and willingness into learning, you can reveal the unknown and become a better learner along the process from the guidance of the professor and your friends. Be a humble and caring individual. There will be many smart students in the program, who collaborate and learn from each other, and grow personally and academically together. 

My professors always taught me indirectly that when we put our curiosity in mind, and our determination in our effort, we can master what we learn and what we want to achieve. In complement, having the courage to work with friends or teammates will help me to have a broader perspective of topics by having effective brainstorming and stakeholder management. 

Published on: June 5, 2024

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