Sameena N. Panali

I believe that it is not the destination but the process, the journey, in reaching the destination that matters the most! MIB is, sincerely speaking, a cherry on the cake of my journey to become a successful individual and a professional! I consider this program one of the best grooming sessions I have had throughout my student life, as it personifies the need to go “beyond”. This course not only provides but demands us students to step in to pursue excellence. My intention to join this course accompanied the pure excitement of being one of the scholarship holders, being in another continent, another country with students from various nationalities.

Upon reaching IÉSEG, I discovered not only a dedicated staff from different corners of the world, trained to handle students from different countries, but enormously learned and humble in their aspiration to bring all of us under the spell of a unified team! I believe that the most astonishing part of this particular program was the presence of students from different backgrounds such as, arts, music, micro biology, commerce, engineering, physiotherapists, law et al… under one roof!!!

IÉSEG is indeed “a place to be”, for us youngsters who wish to live a whole new bundle of experiences. You get closer to your own identity and nationality, while accepting other nationalities in their most diversified forms, learning new languages, interacting with peers who share a passion to bring about a change in the society, who try every possible way to make you feel comfortable, finding a home away from home, making friends for life, finding love and warmth in every relationship, learning something new every new day…..are worth a lifetime!

These are memories that will stay with me after my share of life at Lille, France, in Europe and at IÉSEG and as a substantial part of the MIB program! These have already begun shaping my personality and my future!

What you are about to live is a whole new life of freedom, change and valuable lessons! Enriching and fulfilling! So chin up as you look forward to one memorable ride in the process of becoming an excelling individual. Welcome to IÉSEG!! And as the French say – Santé!

Published on: July 2, 2015

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