Master in International Business, 2023

Founder of ZAC


I did a 3-year degree in Economics and Finance at the Université Catholique de Lille before joining IÉSEG, while at the same time launching my company ZAC. I chose IÉSEG based on recommendations, recognition of the school, discussions with students and professors alike and, above all, because of the coherence of the Master in International Business program with my expectations. 

The courses I liked most were those I could apply directly to my own business, such as marketing and financial management, for example. I also really liked the soft skills courses, such as leadership, which I feel are totally in line with the expectations and needs of our generation. 

As I had already launched my own company before joining IÉSEG, I had no other career plans apart from developing my own business. At the end of my 2nd semester at IÉSEG, I opened my boutique in the Vieux Lille. At the time, I was lucky enough to have the support and guidance of people who were understanding and supportive of the issues I faced, particularly in relation to combining entrepreneurship and school.  

IÉSEG also created opportunities for my company, especially through people working in the school’s Communications Department. For example, we were put in touch with the Challenges magazine team to be named one of the 100 companies to invest in in 2022, which ended up being the case! 

I’m currently running my start-up ZAC, which has 9 in-house staff and 10 indirect jobs for people with disabilities and people back on the labour market. I’m in charge of the company’s financial management, financing and development in France through licensing. I’m also working on opening up new markets in 2024, such as Belgium and Switzerland. I’m also handling more and more political issues to advance things that are close to my heart and that promote a more inclusive and responsible society for all.  

I think that succeeding in your studies at IÉSEG is a state of mind. You have to tell yourself that it’s possible to achieve the goals you’re aiming for, and surround yourself with other people with that mindset. Secondly, I found that I had access to a 360° program covering a wide range of areas, giving me a global view of the company, and enabling me to understand my colleagues’ issues even if I’m not directly involved in their missions. Finally, I think that the networking and friendliness part is not to be underestimated, on the contrary. I felt, and still feel, a real and growing entrepreneurial spirit at IÉSEG, supported by many people, be it the management board, professors or speakers.

Published on: June 5, 2024

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