MBA - International Track / 2021

Strategic Projects Associate, CONVELIO


Before joining IÉSEG, I worked in logistics, focusing on international trade compliance. I chose IÉSEG for its global reputation and the opportunity to study in a diverse, international environment. The MBA – International Track program was my chance to bridge my knowledge gap to access to strategic positions and expand my network.

I loved the interactive learning style at IÉSEG, working on real business cases with my classmates. There were multiple excellent courses that helped me develop both hard (business analytics, financial analysis, etc) and soft skills (ethical leadership, people management). I would definitely single out the Strategic Management course. Professor Guillaume GENTINA designed an excellent program that included an in-depth exploration of different strategic concepts as well as their application to a large number of case studies. This course armed me with a multitude of frameworks for analyzing a company’s business and financial performance and developing strategic scenarios. Without exaggeration, these are critical skills that I use on a daily basis while working on the Strategy team at CONVELIO. For those who want to learn project management techniques, from breaking down any project into a clear process of tasks and milestones, to ensuring predictable outcomes and managing the risks, I would highly recommend the Project Management course by Professor Stefan CREEMERS.

Finally, the Quantitative Methods course by Professor Mikayel VARDANYAN is for those looking to hone their ability to interpret and link data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Paris is a place where I can express myself spiritually and professionally, and offers a unique blend of culture and economic opportunities. On the one hand, Paris is the city of lights, the capital of Arts, a place with a unique historical and architectural heritage. The French way of life teaches us to enjoy the present moment, to live here and now, which is undoubtedly very appealing to me. On the other hand, Paris is certainly one of the main economic hubs in the world, which matches my professional ambitions.

After completing the program, I wanted to join a fast-growing tech scale-up, ideally in a strategy-related position where I could apply my previous experience and newly acquired business skills. I had the great opportunity to join the Strategy team at CONVELIO, a tech-logistics company for high-end goods such as art and luxury. My current role as Strategic Projects Associate involves managing cross-functional projects aimed at optimizing processes and increasing efficiency, as well as working on various go-to-market strategies and growth-related topics.

Published on: October 19, 2023

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