Master in Fashion Management / 2021

Entrepreneur, ZHEN BIJOUX


Before joining IÉSEG, I worked for several years in Chine as an Export Zone Manager-Europe at SmallRig. I chose to study at IÉSEG because the Master in Fashion Management Program seemed to be the perfect fit for me. Moreover, I knew that IÉSEG ranked in the top 10 business schools in France and had an international reputation. The location of the campus in Paris, which is the capital of fashion, and more precisely in the La Défense business district, represented a great opportunity for my professional career.

During my time at IÉSEG, I particularly enjoyed the very interesting classes with professors from France and abroad who also have worked in the industry. I also appreciated the opportunity it gave me to meet other people from many different countries who shared my passion for fashion and luxury. The activities organized by our professors such as visiting the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition were very enriching.

Some of my favorite courses were: Brand Management, Sales and retail management, Customer psychology and Customer behaviours, and Analysis of the fashion-related Industries. The content of the courses was very insightful, and the knowledge acquired was so useful for me, especially because I wanted to create my own company.

I really appreciate the entertainment and culture aspects of France, as well as the diversity. It’s difficult to describe the beauty of this country with words, for sure France is not just Paris! Paris is beautiful with its culture and rich lifestyle, beautiful and historical architecture, full of beautiful cafés and museums, parks with beautiful nature, you can never get bored in Paris. And the rest of France is fantastic too, each region is so different and with its own rich culture. I have travelled around France, and I am quite impressed by the local culture and amazing natural landscape.

I love most of Paris is its richness of culture and diversity, museums, cafés, even all the commercial boutiques, which I find, are the most beautiful in the world. All the boutiques make efforts on visual merchandizing which make customers or just passengers enjoy the view. Even just walking in Paris makes me happy!

I am now an auto-entrepreneur in France. I founded my jewelry brand ZHEN BIJOUX, offering handcrafted cultured pearls and gold-plated brass jewelry. Pearls are at the heart of the business, we believe in natural beauty, we value French handmade.

I have my official e-commerce website, and I will be present at pop-up stores in Paris this year. In a few years, I would like to have my own boutique in Paris and resell my products in different concept stores in France, even across all Europe if it’s going well.

I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Fashion, who enjoy cultural diversity and who want to live in Paris to choose IÉSEG! And my final advice would be to make sure you speak good French by the time you finish your courses, as it’s very important if you want to work in France. Your classmates will become might become your future business partners so make friends with them!

What I will remember from IÉSEG is the rich and diverse content of courses provided by excellent professors, which was useful to create my business.

The most valuable thing in this experience at IÉSEG is that I made friends with some of my classmates, and now they are here for me in my personal life. When I created my business, they were very supportive in different aspects.

Published on: October 19, 2023