Genius IÉSEG: nurturing students’ entrepreneurial spirit

In the French academic landscape, student entrepreneurship is emerging as a powerful driver of professional and personal development. At the heart of this momentum is Genius, a network of student associations, of which IÉSEG Paris has been a member for several years, and which has established itself as France’s leading student entrepreneurial community.

Its main objective is to promote student entrepreneurship by offering young people the chance to discover this fascinating field in an innovative and accessible way. Unlike conventional events, Genius activities are designed to be both stimulating and fun, offering a dynamic approach to entrepreneurship.

Among the flagship events organized by Genius IÉSEG are the “Stand-up Entrepreneurs”, an inaugural event at the start of the academic year where entrepreneurs come to talk and share their experience as business leaders.  The “Start-up Night”, meanwhile, offers an opportunity for start-ups looking for interns to meet promising talents. In addition, Genius recently launched an “Entrepreneur Certificate” which highlights the pitches of three students, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

The association is not limited to the school’s walls. Indeed, Genius IÉSEG represented the school at the Build EEET forum at Station F, and took part in prestigious events such as the “She Ose” evening at the French National Assembly, aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship.

The association is committed to supporting and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs. This commitment is also reflected in the establishment of a consulting center, offering free services to IÉSEG students wishing to turn their entrepreneurial projects into reality.

At the head of Genius is a team of eleven people, led by a passionate president, Julia SCHAFF. She explains:

Genius IÉSEG at the Go Entrepreneurs event

Being the President of Genius has given me the incredible opportunity to meet key players in the world of entrepreneurship, thereby greatly enriching my professional network. This experience has enabled me to develop essential management skills, leading a team of around ten people with determination and vision. These interactions, challenges and shared successes have been an invaluable source of learning and personal growth for me.”

Despite challenges such as recruiting a large number of students at the beginning of the year when she took up her new role, the Genius president has succeeded in revitalizing the association. Today, Genius is thriving, with a growing demand to join its forces. Through its dynamic activities and commitment to its members, the association plays a crucial role in creating a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within IÉSEG and beyond.

The next major event on the Genius agenda is scheduled for May 22, right at the heart of VivaTech. A further opportunity for the association to shine a spotlight on and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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