IÉSEG partners with CentraleSupélec to offer students 3 new double degrees

IÉSEG continues to implement its 2022-2027 strategic plan by announcing the signature of a partnership with CentraleSupélec. This partnership will enable the school to enhance the interdisciplinary focus of its Grande École Program by drawing on the expertise of a prestigious institution recognized both in France and internationally in its teaching fields. Thanks to this partnership with CentraleSupélec, IÉSEG will be able to offer its students in the Grande École Program (PGE) Master’s cycle three new double degrees, as of September 2024.

Reinforcing the blending of student skills

“After launching a joint Bachelor’s program with RUBIKA in Management and Tech Design, and announcing the opening of a new apprenticeship program in Data Analytics and Visualization in partnership with Le Wagon, IÉSEG is now offering its PGE students the opportunity to complete a double degree with CentraleSupélec without an additional year. Our students will be selected on the basis of their academic results and the relevance of these courses to their professional careers. The combination of knowledge, cross-disciplinary skills and know-how is highly appreciated by companies today”, explains Robert JOLIET, Director of Academic Development France and Academic Director of the Grande École Program at IÉSEG.

Three double degrees with CentraleSupélec, combining teaching and work experience

Students in their 4th year of IÉSEG’s Grande École Program will thus be able to apply to follow one of the following three CentraleSupélec programs during their final year of PGE, starting in September 2024:

Master of Science Technology & Management

Thanks to this Master of Science, divided into 4 main modules (engineering sciences, digital technologies, artificial intelligence and data science, and innovation), students will develop their ability to undertake in-house projects and contribute effectively to innovation processes, whatever the size of the company; to interact and collaborate with engineers and scientists in cross-functional teams on transformational and high-impact projects; and to move up rapidly within companies in the industrial and high-tech sectors.

Specialized Master in Manufacturing, Projects and Supply Chain Management

Expertise in industrial management ensures the overall control of processes in all their aspects. This applies at every stage of the organization: from the design of complex industrial systems, to project management for the implementation of innovative systems defined in this way, to the management and operation of the technological systems created throughout the product or process life cycle.
Students are taught in 4 modules: Project and Innovation Process Management, Production and Supply Chain Management, Behavioral Skills, and Business and Human Resources Management Processes.

Specialized Master in Innovation and Transformation

This program invites students to initiate, lead and manage innovation and transformation projects in complex environments (multi-stakeholder, cross-disciplinary projects with a multicultural dimension and high stakes for the organization).
Students will follow courses divided into 4 modules at a slightly different pace (the in-company assignment being carried out on a work-study basis): the company in motion (strategy, Vision process, Innovation, Design Fiction…), Innovation and Transformation (Identifying and exploring a business issue, Communication and Negotiation, Conscious Leadership…), Innovation Engineering (Financing innovation, Design Thinking, Art Thinking…) and finally Lean Management and Agile Transformation.

“In an ever-changing world, where the boundaries between technology, science and management are becoming increasingly blurred, companies are looking for leaders trained to have a positive impact on business and society, with a solid scientific and technological foundation to meet today’s issues and foresee tomorrow’s challenges. This is what these interdisciplinary double degrees will offer our future graduates,” concludes Robert JOLIET.

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